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Thread: When did you start chronological history?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather W View Post
    Have I ever done history chronologically? Nope.

    We've done different time periods in history and good long chunks of it, but I've never done that approach overall.

    I don't think my students have suffered for it. They know where things belong in the context of the bigger picture. We've used all sorts of programs in the way we want to.
    Heather W, this is so encouraging! My first intro to homeschooling was by way of Classical homeschoolers, and I've spent a lot of time being afraid of NOT doing a chronological history. I had no interest in history as a child, and very, very little knowledge, so I have been insecure in this area. My kids know so much more history than I ever did by me keeping it story-based and allowing them to follow their interests and just read, read, read. Oftentimes, when we reach a topic in our FIAR studies, my oldest daughter will light up and say, "I know about that! I read about him/her/it in ____!" I just love the reminder that you really can homeschool in a way that works for your family and there is no one "right" way. Thank you!
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    I'm with Heather We only do FIAR/Unit Studies/interests led until High School. We do Notgrass History in the High School years.

    One of my older kids was very interested in ancients in junior high so we spent almost a year studying it with lots of reading and watching movies set in that time period.
    My oldest son was the same way about the civil war. We even made a trip to Gettysburg that year.
    We have gone through Prairie Primer 4 times with different sets of kids in elementary and visited most of the sites over the years.
    I have all 4 volumes of Story of the World and some of the Diane Waring stuff. Lots of history but not chronological.
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