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Thread: Requesting accommodations on PSAT/SAT/ACT?

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    Default Requesting accommodations on PSAT/SAT/ACT?

    Has anyone done this and do you have any tips on how to do this as a homeschooler? The website says OVER and OVER to work with your school. That would probably be easier to work with someone who knew what they were doing, but just isn't an option for us.

    I'm looking to do this for my son with Type 1 in prep for fall testing.

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    I don't know how helpful this is, but to request accommodations for LD, you need to have current documentation of professional testing. I would assume that for medical diagnoses, you'll need something from your son's endocrinologist confirming his T1D status. Is there a phone number of email address to contact?
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    I'm going to try answering this again -- I don't know where my reply went. Basically, you do not need to work through a school to arrange the accommodation. There are numbers on both the College Board (PSAT/SAT) and the ACT website to contact the dept. responsible for accommodations. I have found they are willing to answer questions in terms of how to apply, what documentation is necessary, etc. They will send you a packet of material with info and forms (seems like ACT might be available on-line). You need to allow at least two months from the time you return the forms to receive confirmation of accommodations. You will need a letter documenting the diagnosis and making recommendations for accommodations -- typically what I've seen for Type 1 would be extra breaks for a snack and drink which would then extend test time (not necessarily extended time but lengthening the time for testing to add in the breaks if needed). You would note on the forms what accommodations you feel are needed and make note of any accommodations you currently provide. Hope that helps.
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    SAT has their accommodations information online.

    I just called the ACT line yesterday. 319-337-1332 ext 2 is for special testing and ext 3 is for extended time. Or you can contact them via

    I will be asking for "stop the clock" accommodations for my son to avoid brain blips and other junk from Lyme. This is from the page of their policy of documentation:

    Medical Conditions
    Documentation must address the following:
    Specific diagnosis and age/date of onset;
    Current and/or prior course of medical treatment, including the impact of medical treatment specific to the
    Current and/or prior therapy outcomes (e.g. physical, occupational and/or speech therapy, mental health
    counseling/psychiatric treatment);
    Current impact on examinee’s education (e.g. school absence, hospital and/or homebound status, reduced
    school schedule); and
    Current impact on academic functioning (examples here that won't paste in!)

    Here is the link to that document

    So, basically you need information from your son's doctor to get things rolling.

    I learned yesterday that the registration for the Sept 10th test date ends on the 6th, but the request for accommodation deadline is August 19th. You register as normal and request accommodations at that time. I just put in a call to our Lyme clinic this morning to get that started.

    I wish I had looked into this last year, but here we are. I had looked at it for the SAT and it's not nearly as friendly sounding a process (time will tell if he's given the mods he needs to take it). The paperwork for the SAT laid it out that if it was a temporary condition to delay taking the test. I didn't bother looking at that ACT. Oh well.
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    Good Info, we were just discussing this for our kid with VPD..
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    SATs accommodations took longer to get, but all in all was easy.

    ACTs seemed to have a lot of hoops to jump through, but was able to get it all accomplished in about two weks. Simon was originally rejected and they didnt tell me it was becaise I didn't use the right form. It really can be done easily. Just make sure you have everything documented, including things like O/T recommended weighted glove and finger splints. There is an accomodatins form that needs to be filled in for each aspect.
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