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Thread: Handwriting for a 5th grader

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    Default Handwriting for a 5th grader

    I just started homeschooling a 5th grader that is not mine. He is behind in pretty much everything. His problems stem from the twofold problem that he is squirrelly and he gets little attention.

    One of the things is that his handwriting is TERRIBLE. What can I do about that at this point? Do I get a handwriting workbook and just practice? Is there something that works really well?

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    I would get a Handwriting Without Tears book. Take a look at them online and see if you can find one that would suit him. Can-do Cursive and Can-do Print are for older kids. I think it is worth working on and you can praise him when he takes time to work on it. I had a teacher work with me in 6th grade and it made a huge difference. He may never have great handwriting, but I think it is worth a shot.

    ETA: Do look at the symptom lists for things like dysgraphia and dyslexia just in case.....

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    We use HWOT too as it's pretty painless & the lovely lines work great for my kids VPD. Their specialist went a little batty wondering where on earth i got the paper/workbooks from because they aren't readily available where we live.

    FWIW though, it may be hard to improve the handwriting if you can't get him to be still. Our youngest had {& still does at times} very very poor handwriting because he could never ever stop moving. Even while sitting still his legs were thumping or his waist was twisting, his toe was tapping.. It turned out to be part of his VPD & now that he's not so twitchy all the time his handwriting has vastly improved. He took it upon himself to create a game from scratch & he hand wrote an introduction to the game & the rules which were so neatly written we googled over them so long he became embaressed & thought we didn't like his work.

    Good Luck!
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