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Thread: Christianity and world religion studies

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    Default Christianity and world religion studies

    I need some book suggestions for Christianity and world religions for my high-schooler. I'll start off with Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, but would like some other ideas for books that explain the theology and apologetics of the Christian faith, particularly ones that are well-written and will not require a power struggle before he will read them. I would also like to cover the basic beliefs of the other major religions, and I prefer books that offer a critique of those belief systems from a Christian viewpoint, not ones that treat all religions as equally valid.
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    Any books from The Case for... series by Lee Strobel would be a good start.
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    The Reason for God by Tim Keller

    Mere Christianity by CS Lewis - not sure if this would cause a power struggle or not, but it's great

    The Rose Book is an excellent resource:

    It's highly visual and interesting to read. A great reference book to have. It has a large section at the end of comparative religions in chart form. I'm not sure if I'd say it's a critique of those religions -- more factual and in comparison with Christianity.
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