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    I can tell I'm coming to the end of homeschooling. I went to purchase Landry class credits, which are on sale today, thinking they would be for my dd's sophomore year. NO! They're for 2018-2019... her junior year of high school. How did my little girl who started FIAR at 3 1/2 years old in co-op with her brother and Julie Y's gang grow up so quickly?

    I thought I'd post in case anyone else wanted to buy one or two semester classes. I'm buying them for Spanish. She's part of an in-person class right now but I don't know what she'll need in a couple of years.
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    Haha, I saw this heading and thought you were posting about a Laundry Academy ... life skills and such.
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    My boys are taking several Landry classes right now. I *think* I already have enough generics to finish out high school. Sigh.

    Hugs, sweet friend!
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