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Thread: dealing with chronic illness

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    Default dealing with chronic illness

    It is so hard for our dc who have chronic illness. But it is also draining for the parents sometimes, as well. It's important that we mamas keep ourselves healthy so we have the energy to help our kids. It is also painful to watch our kids struggle, and can be so very overwhelming and discouraging at times.

    How do you cope in dealing with your child(ren)'s special needs, chronic illness, health and learning struggles? How do you overcome when life threatens to overwhelm?

    Let's have a discussion.
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    I exercise regularly. Until last May, I ran about 25 miles a week and trained with friends for local races. Running is something that takes my mind off blood sugar and attention problems. No one needs me to find something, cook something, or solve anything while I run.

    While I'm waiting for knee surgery, I've had to adapt my activities. Even if I detest riding a stationary bike, at least I can tire myself out.
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    I wrote a post about homeschooling kids with chronic illness.

    As for me, I escape through creating and walking. One of my kids loves to be outdoors and draw and explore. I take her out and she can do whatever. I take pictures, walk, and think about writing.

    I also walk in the evenings usually- not any place special. Believe it or not, I walk in my house in the large circle on our first floor. I need predictable walking which indoors provides.

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    I have recently started coloring, but I don't love it.. I have also gotten back into reading which I love so much! I should be exercising...Refit is calling my name again!
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