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    My big kids did ASL at the CC and did well. My younger will be doing that next year. We are looking for any good resources you know of, in the mean time, to learn ahead. Any good suggestions?
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    Signing Time is great for kids! You can find them at the library, but they also have some good deals from time to time... I think there is one on youtube right now...I think it's the school one.

    Everyday ASL is my second favorite..

    You could also hand-piece with online stuff: such as lifeprint and worksheets from Dawn Sign Press Facebook page- go to pictures for the worksheets.

    As the mom to a Deaf kiddo and the wife of a hard-of-hearing man...I'm here if you ever need a hand..umm, I mean~ sign!
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    There's also an app calls Marlee Signs that we like. Its free to download, but you have to purchase the additional content if you want it. Its nice because you can play it on a loop, or slow the video down. I know its available for Apple devices, not sure about anderoid.
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