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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Laundry areas- organize them, clean off your machines, get rid of extra clutter, and keep up with the laundry. Do one thing that makes this space easier to use.

    School Challenge: Continue with a book challenge- assign reading, read aloud, organize books, rearrange books so new ones get attention. Set out some go along books.

    Inspiring Thought: So plan your days, allow flexibility, and keep moving in the direction of your ideals a little at a time. - The Lifegiving Home

    For me today:
    • get breakfast
    • pack my day bag
    • pack a snack- just in case
    • head to Rochester- a couple hours north
    • neuro appt and University of Rochester tour- in terrible weather
    • blog work- schedule a post for tomorrow, email a client, etc

    I'm trying to decide whether or not to bring my laptop this afternoon. I think I'll pack a few easy games along with my kindle so we can read and play games. I need to spend two hours with the younger boys while Dan and E take the tour at the university. We've been there so many times for lego robotics events, but this is official. We decided we were ok with not walking around and seeing more.

    Of course there is a winter weather advisory and the tour will be done in a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain and wind gusts up to 40mph. The intrepid older boys will soldier on, apparently.

    Praying for a safe drive and an uneventful set of appts today. Thanks!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (19 ds, 17 dd, 15 ds, 12 ds).

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    Praying the trip goes well for everyone, Heather!!

    Back with my list in a bit. I was surprised to see the post this early!

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    Default I've gathered my thoughts!

    *laundry--going now
    *PTE/grocery order--finish it up!
    *read alouds
    *dry cleaners
    *PE--will get back to walking laps!
    *spend Place Cash
    *sort more stuff for consignment sale

    I'm going to try going back to one load of laundry a day, done early each morning. I did this last year when things got crazy, and it was wonderful. I wasn't hopping up to switch or fold all morning. It's a little hard for me because my urge is just to do it all and be done with it, but then it's a distraction throughout the school day...So last night I started a load in the washer right before bed and then moved it to the dryer as soon as I got up. There is a time delay on the washer, so if I can find my manual, I might try that. My laundry room in this house is in a MUCH more convenient location, but it's not as large and there's no big window like I had before, so I find myself not really motivated to go in there and work. And I need dh to install the clothing bar...But I am really going to try to work on it this week!!

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Good morning,

    Heather, I will be praying for you all today. I hope all goes well and you have safe travels!
    Jen, I've got a load in the washer right now . I'm out of jeans . I need to see if my washer has a time delay, that sounds great.

    Mom was transferred to transitional care yesterday. Please pray she will get out of bed and do therapy. Also, I could use prayer. It seems since I don't work, the bulk of mom's care falls on me. I asked a relative for help next week with getting mom to a follow up appt. My dh is gone all week and all classes start next week
    And I have an appt for ds16. I've gotten push back and a guilt trip. She said she'd take her but it will be very hard for her. I hear that a lot. Please pray for my attitude and that I prioritize and that she will keep her promise. I need to stay strong.
    Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible , and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St. Francis of Assisi
    Phrase 2014: Engage, Embrace, Enjoy

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    Amy! I am sorry you are getting a hard time from others. I wish we lived close so I could help you! Praying for your mom, too.

    I just spent my Place Cash...found a couple of cute essentials for dd and a Lego Batman shirt for ds. And they had free shipping!

    Now on to the not as fun work...

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    Amy - Praying for you. Yes, stay strong. I know you love your Mom, but it is okay to need help from other family members. Just because you are not working outside of the home doesn't mean your time isn't valuable!

    Jen - I'm trying to get back to one load a day too!

    HW - I hope the appointment and tour go well!

    Good Morning!
    CH1: I'm almost caught up with laundry, now I need to start cleaning. My laundry room is a walk-in closet. It is amazing what I can cram in there.
    CH2: We'll be going to the library tomorrow. I need to consider when to do the read aloud. We keep missing it because our daily rhythm keeps changing.

    so far:
    Pet cares
    Bible time

    up next:
    start laundry
    Table Time

    for the rest of the day:
    full school day
    fold and put away laundry
    clean the living room (pick up and vacuum)
    clean hall bathroom
    process pork for the freezer
    Call sitters for community group
    post events on line for community group and schole
    Monthly community group core team meeting at church. They feed us!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Here's a look at my day:
    -swept the floor
    -did some pilates
    -went for a walk
    -hung a load of laundry
    -took a shower while Hudson listened to a book
    -science with Hudson
    -math with Hudson
    -spelling with Hudson
    -played Memoir 44 with Hudson
    -bagged up some garbage that dh took to the dump, including some clothes
    -talked with my mom
    -picked up the kids from school
    -made muffins while dh made curry and rice
    -folded a couple loads of laundry

    That's about all for me for today. Have a great day ladies!

    Amy, that's a lot! Praying for you!
    Jen, I often start a load of laundry before bed. It does help.
    Heather, I hope the tour goes well, despite the weather.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 13 and Hudson 11

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    Good morning, all

    Heather -- safe travels! I hope the trip goes well in all regards! Sorry about your foot pain -- my plantars flares up every now and then, and it always makes me thankful that I've learned some tricks on how to control it

    Lindsey -- sounds like a full day

    Amy -- Agreeing with the others -- stay strong!!! I don't think there's anything wrong with you not doing EVERYTHING!!! Dh's mom is in a nursing home an hour and 45 minutes from us. He has a sister who lives right there, and she does most of the care and shuffling to appointments (when the drs can't come to her). We've always let her know that she does not ALWAYS have to be "the one" and to let us know when she needs our help. There have been times when she's called. Dh will often take a day off of work and go help out. I think that's not too much to ask. One person cannot do ALL!!! (and we feel like we don't do enough, but we try, especially when asked!).

    Jekka -- about the teriyaki chicken ....... I cut my chicken breasts into small pieces, throw it in a frying pan with some olive oil, season it, and it takes 10-20 minutes too cook. And I do my rice on the stovetop, too -- I've never used a rice cooker or anything different. It's so easy to do on the stove, I've never bothered learning any other way

    Meanwhile, I was doing so many other things, I forgot to add my "yogurt" to my IP when making yogurt (I messed my steps up and thought you did that after cooking for 8 hours), so the pig is getting the practice run of yucky milk, and I'm going to try yogurt again

    Jen -- laundry -- UGH. 'Nuff said It's a necessary evil. I have a sil who hates it so much that one day she went out and bought kids new jeans and t-shirts because they had to go somewhere and literally had nothing clean in their closets (excessive and ridiculous, imo, but I do understand ..... she works outside the home, btw).

    Joelle -- sounds like you had a good school day yesterday. Did you see my response to Mindy one day last week where I learned early on in my hs journey that I cannot do everything, and if we have a stellar school day, supper is about the only other thing that will get done that day. If the house is perfect and clean, not much schooling got done. I tell dh to "pick 2" -- schooling, cleaning, supper, laundry .... I can do 2 fairly decently each day but no way can I do all 4. Truth!

    Everyone else

    * kids are just starting to wake up. We didn't get home until 11 last night (went to friends' to watch the AL game) -- yes, it was still going on. Dh was ready to leave at half time, but the mom and I and some of the kids had just started playing Ticket to Ride -- they'd gotten that for Christmas and had never played it, so we taught them. Anyway, kids are tired this morning......
    * girls have piano at 9 -- going to take them and drop them off
    * I need to run into the dollar store there before I come home to do some school with the boys
    * pick girls up at 11 (they'll work on some schoolwork while they're there and waiting on the other)
    * home for more school and lunch
    * starting back to racquetball today at 1:30 (our day is changing because of various reasons -- we'll see if it works).
    * while they're there, I'll run a couple of errands and will work on reading Animal Farm and some lessons
    * r/ball is over at 3:30 -- home
    * early supper
    * because we have to leave at 5:30 for clogging

    Lots of running around today. Unusual, but the piano teacher had to rearrange lessons. No big deal. Happens to everyone, and I don't mind being flexible because she's flexible with me

    Ya'll have a great day!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    Good Morning, Ladies!
    Schools are all cancelled here due to a coating of snow and freezing rain. The freezing rain is continuing; we are sitting at 30*F. We decided to cancel geography club since we'd all be on the road right now trying to get there. We did have a salt truck cruise through early this morning, but they can't get everywhere, and I'm sure the church parking lot hasn't where we meet hasn't been treated. So, it's now a home day. Ds18 is still sleeping though I'll need to wake him at 10 so he doesn't mess up his sleep too much.

    Amy-- Don't let them push you onto the guilt train. There's nothing wrong with needing and asking for help. So what if it will be very hard for her, it's very hard for you too. You know your limits and what you need to stay healthy. You can always make a back up plan if this relative falls through, but hopefully you won't have to use it. Sitting down now and slowly thinking things through, and just having that plan in place will make things less stressful if she does back out.

    So far:
    • put ds18's school clothes in dryer this morning at 4am when I woke up
    • laid on the couch trying to get back to sleep
    • worked on finishing touches of culture box while chatting/deciding about geography club
    • chatting with dh who is still here too because of the weather; not sure of his plan but temps should be above freezing by noon
    • sent a message to dd
    • doing misc. little things here and there

    For the rest of TODAY:
    • update calendar and transfer anything important from last year's calendar
    • some sort of school with ds9... he says he shouldn't have to do anything since ds18 has a snow day
    • what's for supper?
    • school planner/journal + planning and prep work
    • laundry area??... it's a section of the basement so it always needs help; I can work on the sink and counter space down there

    I've gotten up several times to do piddly things while typing this, so I guess I'd better get back to the plan.
    Have a great day!
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (4th gr).

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    Joelle -- don't stress! Sounds like you had a good school day

    Amy -- I agree with the others. You need help and deserve help! You may not work outside the home but you do work! Praying for you friend

    Cindy -- smart move on canceling. Enjoy your home day

    Heather -- safe travels and hope all goes well with appointment, tour and wait time

    Angela -- I know what you mean about cramming stuff in small spaces

    Paige -- sounds like a good fun night

    Jen -- cool on the delay button. My old washing machine (one that just broke) use to have it too. I think I used it once then forgot about it.

    Lindsey -- sounds like you had a good day

    Watching weather channel and I have seen shots of various places (Cornell, B'ham, etc. ) and I think of each of y'all.

    Today is gray, 53 and WINDY! Suppose to be in mid to upper 50's today and super windy all day. This afternoon/evening the rain is to start. Then the rest of the week is rain and in the upper 50's - mid 60's.

    Sitting here watching the trees and power lines move and shake.

    • school
    • laundry room
    • put together chicken pot pie -- supper
    • hall steps ?
    • check to see if blow ups are dried out
    • hs group event
    • photo work

    The big outdoor Christmas blow up are still hanging in my bathroom drying out. They don't always startle me but sometimes they do Middle of the night is usually the worst That toilet is messed up right now but I still have to walk past that door. Glance in or eyes just catch a glimpse and I jump. You think I would be use to it but every year the same thing (except the toilet usually works so I am going in there at night )

    Have a GREAT day!
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 19yo ds, 16yo ds

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