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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Joelle, glad to hear the second day "back to school" went as well as the first. I love that we get to have school days when everyone else is snowed in and can call a "spring" day when it's lovely out, but that's simply crazy that there's been FIVE snow days for the schools in your area! Smart of you to cancel your appointments.

    Michelle, what about some simple homemade things? Do you knit/crochet or sew? Even no-sew type things. Sorry, my brain is moving slow now, so I can't think of anything specific. I think some of the most thoughtful gifts can be very inexpensive.

    Heather, sorry about the Lego set. The college writing class sounds unreal. Although my freshman writing class (at the first college I went to) was pretty awesome, most of my college writing classes didn't come close. I am so glad he's giving you credit for your college selections

    Jen, your leaf mulching sounds like a workout! Way to go!

    While my kids have piano lessons, their cousin is here to play. This is my son's main opportunity to hang out with another guy. They spent the entire time (1.5 hr!) wrestling on the trampoline! Honestly, it makes this mom-of-mostly-girls super nervous, and if I hang out with them outside I find myself constantly saying, "Y'all be careful," and "Are you okay?" I know, I'm a nut. Cousin is at least 40lbs heavier than my son, but Malachi is quick and tough, so I guess it all evens out They really enjoy themselves.

    Sometimes we get tacos at a local take-out place on Tuesdays, but I really like to limit eating out, so tonight I made take-out fake-out. My kids LOVED the tacos, re-fried beans, and even spanish rice I made. M7 read out of Henry and Ribsy while I cooked! It was really yummy, but too involved to be an "easy" meal for us on the weeknight. Still, we played mariachi music and had a blast.

    Oh, and while I was cooking my 10yo helped bathe my little girls! She really is so helpful, and tonight I'm feeling blessed. She read aloud to me after we put the littles to bed. Jen, did you read About Average by Andrew Clements? I'm wondering how you liked it. She's on a Clements binge and it's been fun, although I think some of the books are mature. Maybe I'm being naive....?

    Well, I want to try to put a little more in my planner. I got Monday written down, but just "winged it" today. I really want to be a better planner!!

    Goodnight, friends.
    Mindy - wife to Colin since '03, mommy to FIVE fabulous kids dd12, d10.5, ds8.5, dd6.5, dd4.5

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    Mindy, we listened to that one! I do think his books are much more mature than they seem on the surface. He does a good idea of telling a simple story that has a lot of deep undercurrents. Have you read No Talking?

    Heather I'm glad E enjoyed it so much!

    Lots of Lego angst here, too. Ds ordered an exclusive set last week with much of his Christmas money. FedEx said it would be here Saturday night. Then they said Monday night, then tonight. He actually called FedEx himself tonight and they said it would be here by 8:00, but no such luck. So he's been texting me FedEx memes all evening. It said it was on the truck this morning, and after the gates closed he said he saw a FedEx truck drive up and then turn around. They didn't call dh for a gate entry, so I'm guessing it may have been his and they didn't even try. It needs to be here tomorrow for all of our sakes.

    *had kids read
    *had kids shower
    *finally finished the grocery order

    Now I need to make sure dh has pants. I was going to iron a bit to get ahead, but it's almost midnight and I'd rather sleep!

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