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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    agreeing with everyone, amy! very good advice here. and NO GUILT.

    hope the trip goes well, heather!

    the neighbor across the street from us in the u.s. (northern idaho) took a photo of all the snow they're getting!
    over TWO FEET and still coming down!
    the gray showing is winterchase.
    meanwhile, the only snow we have here in our area of northern italy is way up at the very top of the mountain peaks.
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    Michelle! I would definitely jump at the blowups! I startle so easily. The other day I was in the tiny section of the kids' bathroom and had hung my robe on the door. I turned to do something and when I turned back around I saw the robe out of the corner of my eye and thought it was dh. It scared me to death. I think there's something wrong with me. Dh thinks it's hysterical.

    We've been working pretty well this morning. But for some reason, dd has decided she doesn't want to go to PE. She's not giving me any good reason why, so I told her she didn't have to go, but if she didn't, then she wasn't going to be entertained by me the whole time and then go play with the neighbors as soon as they got home. So she said she would go. If we were having bad weather or had tons of other things going on, I'd probably let her miss, but it's the first day back, her friends will be there, and that was factored in to the day. And I want my walking time.

    *cooked some chicken as part of tonight's meal
    *worked a bit on the grocery order
    *finished the load of laundry
    *sorted out the summer clothes from the last bin in the laundry room and put the bins back
    *school with both kids
    *made lunch

    It is so nice outside we did our Morning Basket reading outside so the dog could play in the grass and enjoy the nice weather with us. I'm glad he has a nice warm inside kennel, but I feel bad for him when he can't get out and roll in the grass!

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    Jen - I like your negotiating skills!

    April - How pretty! I take it you aren't missing the snow too much?

    Cindy - Enjoy your "snow" day. Schools are closed here today too.

    Michelle - I get spooked by stuff like that too!

    Jekka - I don't care for alarm clocks either, but the iPhone has some alarms that aren't too bad. Dh uses one that sounds like bells chiming (not ringing).

    I did manage to get up at 6am today. We started school at 9:45. I would really like to start by 9:30, but it was better than the 10:30 we started at yesterday.
    We finished Table Time and I did seat work with Logan. I still have to go over seat work with the Girls.

    Then, I will send the kids outside!!

    The temperature is rising here. When I woke it was 7F, but now it is approaching freezing. It is supposed to continue rising and stay above freezing tonight.
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    It's still morning here for a couple minutes!!

    Just popping in, and will read/reply later Busy day!

    This morning:
    • whirlwind morning grabbing up the kids for surprise donut stop visit since they have read aloud for a week!!
    • car wash
    • quick run in grocery store for things I need for tacos tonight (H5 pulled over the cart and kids bickered...took a lot of breathing to make it in there, and I kinda flipped out when we finally got in the car. We had to reboot our day and things are peaceful now, so that's good.)
    • made it home & groceries away
    • regroup with kids, talked about expectations, mom's sorry for yelling

    Kids helped:
    • H5 gathered towels and helped start laundry
    • M7 take out compost
    • D9 brought in new recycle bins - the last time we left out recycling our bins were stolen!!
    • R10 unloaded dishwasher
    • A3 helped move laundry to dryer

    • Caps for Sale and activity with little girls (this was totally unplanned, but so fun!! Their favorite book!)
    • phonics with H5 & she read a Bob book to me
    • preK books with little girls
    • piano practice for oldest 3
    • spanish for R10
    • typing for D9
    • M7 did some Miquon
    • R10 did LOF and copywork
    • listened to D9 read aloud
    • cartoon for little girls while I type this

    Up next:
    • lunch and read aloud
    • maybe get to Snowflake Bentley today - really hope so!
    • need to do math with D9 and some copy work for her as well
    • piano lessons this afternoon
    • poetry tea?
    • make tacos
    • bath night
    • need to clean/de-clutter in there somewhere

    Have a great afternoon!
    Mindy - wife to Colin since '03, mommy to FIVE fabulous kids dd12, d10.5, ds8.5, dd6.5, dd4.5

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    Lunchtime check in .....

    Cindy -- are you taking a snow day, too?

    April -- great pic

    Michelle -- I get scared at stuff like that, too, and so does my mom. Funny story ..... It's just my mom and dad at home these days, and they were getting ready to go to church. My mom decided her shirt needed ironing, and the ironing board is in the laundry room. The LR door faces the back door of the house that has a window in it. My mom was standing in the LR in her bra and slip and kept getting worried that someone was going to come to the back door (but the LR door was closed). Just as she was getting ready to leave the LR, she cracked the door open to peek out to make sure no one was standing at the back door, my dad was trying to walk into the LR. My mom started screaming and hollering, which scared the devil out of my dad, who started screaming and hollering Oh, how we've laughed at them!!!

    Mindy -- I've had those type visits to the store, too

    Jen -- that sounds just like something I'd tell one of my dc if he/she decided he didn't want to go

    Angela -- good job in getting up early. Sometimes it's so hard.......

    * did the back and forth run to piano lessons (drop off, go home, pick up).
    * did some school with the boys in the midst of that time
    * got yogurt in the IP again -- and remembered to ADD the yogurt "base" this time Hopefully it'll work.
    * lunch is going on at the minute
    * then we leave in an hour for racquetball.

    I'm not really even "dressed" yet I have on sweats and a fleece, but I haven't showered. I keep thinking I'd have time to color my hair and then shower, but the day has just been too interrupted. I guess I should shower and put on some minimal make up if I intend to run errands in town. Just don't feel like that today, but it is what it is. Maybe I can get away with the fleece outfit???? and just add some make up???? Maybe

    Enjoy your afternoon.....
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    Just finishing lunch. The appt went well. He'll stay on the med and she gave us the script for his zofran.

    The guys have left for the tour. I'm trying to last a few more minutes in moe's before heading to the bookstore.

    What a drive! I've done worse, but I'm glad the worst of it was before the interstate.

    Told Dan to get a picture for me. Which just arrived by email. Ha

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    Glad to hear all went well, Heather!

    Jen: I love having a routine like early morning laundry. It really makes things flow compared to just doing it whenever. Good luck getting the laundry room set up. I really miss the laundry room in my old house (which was really supposed to be a study/ den right by the bedrooms).

    Quote Originally Posted by amy v View Post
    It seems since I don't work, the bulk of mom's care falls on me.
    Amy: I just stared at that sentence for about a minute. I still can't get over it. Prayers to you and your mother through this time. I'm not sure I know anyone who works as hard as you do. The fact that you don't get paid for your time does not devalue (it actually increases the value of) your ceaseless and loving work.

    Angela: Yea for being fed at the meetings! Now if only they ordered take out for your family while you were away.

    Paige: That sounds delicous. I actually prefer to cook on the stove, but find myself using the IP out of convenience more and more. You can actually reuse that milk next time. It doesn't hurt a thing. Just reboil it and start over.

    Cindy: My mom just had an accident in a parking lot. Road conditions might be fixed, but those parking lots are treacherous. Wise move on cancelling.

    Michelle: You've convinced me. I'm never buying outdoor decorations.

    April: Beautiful photo. We are getting another foot today, too. Sometimes just seeing it on the faraway Italian mountains sounds lovely.
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    April -- and loved the photo. Showed ds2. He told me "stop playing with my emotions". that boy wants some snow

    Jen -- hope dd has a great time at PE

    Angela -- hey you are getting there with starting school at time you want!

    Mindy -- you have been busy and on donuts

    Paige -- I laughed at your parents. Too funny.... sounds like something I would do

    Heather -- glad appointment and drive went well. Hope the tour and bookstore go well too

    Jekka -- most outdoor decorations can be put away easily. The blow up ones need to dry inside. I believe most "normal" people would hang them in their garage or basement or something. But of course we are not normal and have neither of those places

    So far:
    • school humming along
    • laundry humming along
    • cooked carrots
    • put together chicken pot pie --- just the inside part in a casserole dish. Will serve with biscuits on the side
    • cooked lunch
    • ate
    • emptied dish drainer from last night
    • washed dishes
    • folded laundry from drying rack

    I really don't feel like getting out today but will be going to the event. If it was just a fun event we might pass but it is a service project event. The kids will be making blankets for cancer patients. The blankets where you tie knots around the edges of 2 pieces of fleece.
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    Michelle-- Tell ds2 he'll just have to move north!

    April-- WOW! Love that snow photo. I haven't been in that much snow at one time since the blizzard we had in MI when I was a kid. I think it was 1978!

    Not much has happened around here today. It's dreary and all around gloomy. We gathered some more information for the Samoan culture box and added it in, but that's been it.
    I've been very unmotivated and unproductive, but we learned some new things today so that's been good.

    I need to sit myself down at the table and work on things. Maybe I should figure out something for supper too. I'm sure that would be appreciated by all. The change in plans this morning has left my brain feeling quite scattered for some reason. Sigh.
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    it used to snow like that when i was little, but we haven't had quite that much during the past few years we were there.
    i think nicholas is ecstatic, especially since he's my fanatical skier (and there is a really good ski resort, just a gondola ride away)!

    here is a shot that nicholas took at my dad's the other night.
    it has snowed a fair amount since then (another foot, i think!).

    - - - Updated - - -

    jekka - love what you wrote to amy.

    jen - i too startle very easily.
    which makes people LOVE to startle you!
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