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Thread: Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Shay -- that situation has been on my mind and heart. I have been praying for y'all
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    Good evening!

    I spent over two hours outside digging out some of the street gutters. They are clogged with ice, so the road has huge pools of water since the water can't get to the drains. Eventually there were 3 other neighbors working with me as we clean out the ice in front of several houses - nice to get some of that excess water drained! But not my hip aches a lot!!

    School went well yet again! Amazing! Dd11 is working on The Boxcar Children for her first BY row. She'll read a chapter, we'll discuss and do an activity or two together, and then I'll assign her other activities to do the next day. It's only been 3 days, but it has worked very well so far! Ds6 (7 tomorrow!) is loving A Pair of Red Clogs. I continue to love his enthusiasm for learning new things - he loves to explore and discuss ideas. Now writing things down is a chore, but I love that he loves to learn.

    The HVAC guy was here around 1. A pressure valve (or something? - it is written on the invoice downstairs) had tripped and needed to be reset. The hvac guy reset that and cleaned out the furnace. He said that in the next year or two our motor will probably die. It was making a funny sound when it would kick on. He said eventually the sound would get longer and longer, and then the motor would just quit running. Yea. Oh - and the furnace just turned on by itself because after a certain number of hours the furnace automatically will try to reboot by itself. I'm guessing it was about 12 hours from when it quit working to when it started up again on its own.

    Thermostat question: So are we just abnormal? We have ours set at 72 in the winter. It was lower before kids since they would both roll out of their blankets in the middle of the night and wake up cold. But even then we only set it at 68. Now they don't do that, but dd11's room is at least 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house, so she wakes up cold every morning, even though she is under many blankets. I have friends who have it set at 75 and even 78!! In the summer our AC is at 80. I freeze at my fil's home since he has his set at 69 in the summer!! What is your heat set at in the winter? (just realized it probably makes a difference if a home has a wood burning stove or not and what type of heat you have. We have a gas furnace with forced heat)

    So from my list I did school and washed 2 loads of laundry. That is it! I did run the dishwasher and make dinner too. And all that shoveling!! Oh, I guess I waited for the HVAC guy. Tomorrow we'll get to the library after dd11's orthodontist visit.

    Michelle - love that you found the money! Yea, God!

    Angela - great job finishing school by lunch!!

    Mindy - in college I did a linoleum print in an art class. I really liked it, but it was hard to etch it out. We also did and etching on a glass plate. I still have those prints somewhere. How did the project turn out? What type of restaurant is your dh opening?

    Heather - at the cost of college! I think I like having my head in the sand about that!

    Jen - yea for the legos arriving!!!

    Cindy - yea for a good school day! Your field trip tomorrow sounds fun!

    Lindsey - hope you get to take a nap later

    Shay - Sorry for all the struggles with your granddaughter. I hope there is better communication soon and you get to see her.

    It is just after 9 and dh is on his way home! "Early" for a change I am envious of all the nice weather I keep reading about. I think we've been above 40* once or twice in the past month.

    Have a lovely evening and sleep well all!

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    Joelle - We have electric heat. In the winter, we keep it set between at 68/69. In the summer, we keep it set between 75-78.
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    Joelle, we have electric heat, too, and in the winter we keep it at about 62* and use space heaters where we are and it stays around 65*-68*. In the summer we set it around 76*.

    Shay. I'm sorry this is such a hard situation. I'll keep praying for you all!

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