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    Can someone give me a brief rundown on how this program works. It just came in the mail today, and at first glance it looks really confusing and overwhelming for me.

    I remember seeing a post and it seemed like there is a pretty straight forward and easy way to use it.

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    Years ago I just gave my kids the tests and they just took them. I started at the place where I thought they would be challenged and went from there. I didn't follow all the rules from the book.

    Maybe that's not so helpful...
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    We used this very briefly many years ago, so I may be off.

    Test until you find where your child needs to start. First list where they miss words is your starting place.
    Do a pre-test on Monday. Words they miss are what they practice all week.
    Tu-Thur practice the missed words according to the instructions.
    Friday test on practiced words. Words missed carry over to the next week.
    Somewhere in there I think there is a teaching component of the spelling rules or patterns in the weekly list, but I don't remember for sure.
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    It is really confusing at the start! I read it over several times before I got it figured out. Now that I've got it down, we've tweaked it to work better for us.
    At the front of the book, there's a series of placement tests. Start with the survey test. Once your student has missed three words in a row, or 6 all together, you will find where you need to start with the placement test. There's a chart telling you which level to look at for the placement chart. The next day you administer the placement test. Results from that tell you which level to start your student on.

    For daily use - there's several different ways you can use the lists. The main ones are suggested in the intro. The way we do it is, test words for five minutes (I do one list, or three missed words max). Any words they miss, they have to study. They can either use the suggested study method, or they can try some of the word activities in the back. For us, I have a variety of ways to practice words written on popsicle sticks. My kids pull a stick and practice the words that way. The next day, they start off with the words they missed, and then go on to the next list. Periodically, there's a review test. I go through and have them retest any words they missed off of the lists to make sure they retained them.
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    I've used it with all of my natural spellers. My child who has trouble with spelling was completely overwhelmed and it didn't work for him.

    I give the placement test (there are instructions in the Quick Start part of the manual, and Beth described it above). So you know what level they're on, then. I test each day for one list, one column (in the spelling books that we use), or 5 missed words, whichever comes first. The words are given cold, with no prep. I have my child do the 10-step work on the back of the spelling sheet. The next day we start with those missed words and keep going. We stop in the middle of lists all the time.

    I don't say the "rule" at the top of the lists because they are arbitrary and have too many exceptions. We use none of the games or study tips except for the 10-step study on the back of the sheet. At the end of a level, I compile a list of every word they missed and we do the whole thing again, just with those missed words.

    This works great for my natural spellers. They miss many words, but they learn them quickly and move on. For a child who is naturally a poor speller, I don't think it's the program to use -- but that's just how it was for our family.
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