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Thread: hedgehogs? !!

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    Default hedgehogs? !!

    I have a pet hedgehog. Are there any books you have rowed that have them? I am first year rower K-2. Vol. 1.

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    I can't remember any hedgehogs. But if you row Peter Rabbit (a great spring row), Beatrix Potter has other stories of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle (I think that's her name) who is a hedgehog.
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    There's a great hedgehog lapbook on Homeschool share. Jan Brett also has some great hedges printables on her website including a hedgehog paper doll. She also has several books starring hedgehogs, so you could make your own unit.

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    It's not a FIAR book but it's a sweet story, Miss Jaster's Garden by NM Bodecker.

    Hedgie the hedgehog lives in a little corner of Miss Jaster's garden. One morning nearsighted Miss Jaster mistakenly plants some seeds on Hedgie, who is asleep in the flowerbed. Before Hedgie knows it, flowers have sprouted among the quills on his back! It's the happiest day of Hedgie's life, his feet begin doing little dance steps and before you know it Hedgie dances out beyond the gate.

    When Miss Jaster thinks she sees her flowers walking by themselves, she calls the constable. Will Hedgie ever be able to return to the garden he loves?

    Originally published in 1972, Miss Jaster's Garden is a New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book.

    FYI we did publish the book this year but I'm sure you can find used copies or library books too! I'm plugging it here because it's a fave of mine
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