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Thread: BFIAR story disks?

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    Default BFIAR story disks?

    Is there such a thing as story disks for the titles in B4 FIAR? Or any suggestions on how to make them if they don't currently exist?

    I'm planning to mix and match titles from BFIAR and FIAR this year, and I'm sure if I don't have a story disk on the BFIAR, my Type-A daughter is going to have a problem! Lol

    Not to mention, they're super cute, and it would be great to have one for every book we row!

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    There are no story disks for BFIAR because it wasn't written to be done the same way as FIAR. (Many people do use it that way however.) Whenever we row a non-FIAR book in the FIAR style, I just make my own story disk - trace the same size circles as the other story disks onto cardstock and sketch and color a picture that represents the story. The kids often like to help. For example, you could make some blue waves with a yellow circle in them for Yellow Ball. You can "laminate" with packing tape, clear contact paper, or even a laminator if you have one.
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