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Thread: Seasons changing

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    Default Seasons changing

    We are expecting our first freeze on Friday and whatever I don't manage to cover in the garden will be lost.
    This time of year is so hard, as I feel like our activities are quickly going to be limited as the snow piles up. In Montana the Summers are too short and the Winters too long, with not a lot in between the two. I am almost never ready for Summer to end; although this year we desperately need the cold, wet weather to put out the fires.
    For those of you in the Northern climates, how are you focusing in on the beauty of Autumn. What are you rowing?
    After a visit to the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall this week, we are rowing All Those Secrets of the World.
    I am thinking something a little more joyful and seasonal for next week. We have rowed Apple Pie the last 3 years... perhaps out of tradition we will row it again as we pick our apples.
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    Crystal, I'm not up north, nor is it Autumn here (although with all the rain from hurricanes, it's been much cooler than usual....).

    There are certain books (season-wise, especially) that we've rowed almost every year -- Cranberry Thanksgiving is one

    Have you "done" Johnny Appleseed as you've rowed Apple Pie?
    What about Apples to Oregon? We LOVE that book -- it's one of our absolute family favorites? Homeschoolshare had (I assume they still do) a bunch of activities for this one.

    I've found that a good way to do "repeats" (especially "normal" repeats) is to try to take a different spin on it each time.

    Meanwhile, I'm praying that ya'll have relief from all the fires in the West! It's just devastating, I know. When we were out that way, we had so many people tell us they were praying for an early snow so the fires will cease!
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    Crystal, we always rowed our favorites every year and I would add more to the study each time.

    I always did The Bee Tree in the fall and The Pumpkin Runner because of pumpkins.

    Cranberry Thanksgiving when it's time.

    I like the Let's Read and Find Out Science book called Why Do Leaves Change Color?

    We're in upstate NY, so I get the long winter and short summer type weather.

    I wrote a series of nature study posts that includes a book list for each month. You might find something you like here. Nature Journal Calendars- my daughter did the calendars which you can print and I added the resources. It's super low key and has a book list.

    Praying for the fires to stop!
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    Sending a hug. I also added things every time. I have a ten year age difference between oldest and youngest so while we were rowing, I'd add things for older siblings (even if they were FAR too old to be rowing). We loved revisiting our "old friends" and re-rowing seasonal books. Praying for an end to the fires.
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