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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    I'm beat! We made it to everything and it all went well, it was just a lot! Tomorrow is another full day and I'm waiting to hear if we are going to mil's Saturday.

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    Just after 11:30 pm and just a few minutes left to the game. Looks like an Eagles win is fairly certainly, although with the Eagles, one never celebrates too soon! But everyone is ready to head to bed as soon as the final whistle blows. So it's all good. Well, maybe not in the morning...

    Today's Accomplishments:

    • Up, dressed & ready for the day.
    • Relocated Dave back to our bedroom.
    • Stripped guest room bed, tidied up.
    • Collected laundry & started a load.
    • Processed yesterday's laundry.
    • Cleaned both upstairs bathrooms.
    • Collected upstairs trash.
    • Quick sweep of the downstairs.
    • Sent TJ to get donuts.
    • Checked emails, FB, etc.
    • Ordered online CAT test for Phoebe.
    • Sent academic eligibility email.
    • Called Costco about photos.
    • Refilled one of Dave's scripts.
    • Checked list of things to do. Sigh.
    • Checked status of co-op homework.
    • Ate eggs. Because Dave made them.
    • Scheduled PT appointments for next week.
    • Started grocery list. That will be ongoing.
    • Advanced laundry; should be the only load.
    • Processed up-down basket. The first time.
    • Cleaned up LuLa Cave. Not as bad as I thought.
    • Cleaned powder room. Always the worst.
    • Cleaned up breakfast; ran dishwasher.
    • Fridge purge. All home = not much to purge.
    • Quiet time. Except it's too late for quiet now. Did anyway.
    • Talked to BSF leader. Usually we miss each other.
    • Checked schoolwork (mostly TJ's algebra). Got refocused.
    • Wrote a card to friend who's in the hospital.
    • Figured out a tentative menu for next week.
    • Continued to assess shopping needs. Dani's coming. Made list.
    • Did a LLR inventory order; restock a few holes.
    • Processed completed laundry & distributed.
    • Remade guest room bed & otherwise tidied up for Dani.
    • Phoebe found apple pie recipe; added ingredients to list.
    • Dusted & vacuumed most of the downstairs; TJ finished.
    • Dropped Phoebe off at the school for soccer practice.
    • TJ is working from 3:00-6:00. More or less.
    • Grocery shopping. They redid our store. Can't find anything .
    • Unloaded car; put everything away. Well, almost.
    • Packed up scrapbooking things and loaded them in the car.
    • Took a couple of bags of trash to the curb.
    • Mopped kitchen floor while no one but Dave is home.
    • Put on nail wraps with breast cancer ribbons. Came out so-so.
    • Picked up Phoebe from soccer practice.
    • Called Costco. Pictures were done!
    • Phoebe headed upstairs to shower, then back to schoolwork.
    • I assume from the mess that the guys made hamburgers.
    • Target -- picked up Dave's meds.
    • Christian book store -- returned a purchase I decided against.
    • Costco -- pictures, plus meat & chocolate chips!
    • Quick stop for dinner and to clean out the car.
    • TJ & Phoebe unloaded the car; Dave & I put things away.
    • Emptied/reloaded dishwasher; cleaned worst of mess.
    • Left fry pan to soak. Not sure it will recover.
    • Checked on schoolwork. Both kids are almost done.
    • Put my electronics on their respective chargers.
    • Swapped out purses to the one I'll use all weekend.
    • Put the First Aid dvd in my co-op tote; rest will load later.
    • Texted Dani about weekend plans. She'll be home Saturday.
    • All but my laptop & phone are packed for co-op.
    • TJ & Phoebe finished schoolwork & packed backpacks.
    • Worked Phoebe through a meltdown while barely avoiding my own.
    • Soaked in the tub a bit. Hips are really bugging me.
    • Got Phoebe packed for overnight tomorrow, and for game.
    • Thursday night football -- Eagles are playing! And winning.
    • Tidied downstairs; basket is empty.
    • Online sales have been quiet. As in NO sales .

    Phoebe to bed. Me to bed. Don't really care what the guys do as long as they're quiet.

    Good night

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    Elizabeth -- Actually, they're Costco's own brand, Kirkland. They had them a couple of years ago, then stopped selling them. So I grabbed two BIG bags while we were there.
    Cari in Pa -- Married to Dave for 27 years!
    Mom to nurse Sara (23), married to Mike, almost-teacher Danielle (20), train-boy TJ (16) and my little dancer/soccer goalie Phoebe (13)

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