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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Thursday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Kitchens- and everything that goes with them. Big or small.

    School Challenge: Art challenge- inventory supplies and prepare an art project this week. Something fall? Something to go with FIAR? Or even a FIAR art lesson. What are your favorite art supplies to use with your kids?

    Inspiring Thought: First keep peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others. - Thomas a Kempis

    For me today:
    • school- reorient the senior to her regular school work (after the hort contest and college application process has ended!)
    • morning meeting- maybe combine it with a teatime now that R is back
    • school planning- art project, English, biology, American Government projects)
    • make pumpkin contest certificates
    • clean the microwave
    • laundry
    • order a winning pumpkin ribbon
    • blog work- promotion, posts, and answer a consulting client
    • group work

    I'm to get dh to work and he will be there about 12 hours today. I'm sure he enjoyed his break and so did I!

    Have a great day!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    MIL and Gracie have returned home. We had a good visit. Here's a look at what I did today:

    -picked up 2 moms and toddlers at two different locals to come to playgroup
    -hosted playgroup
    -called a guy who is planning to come and volunteer with us next summer about a finance issue
    -took pictures with MIL
    -said goodbye to MIL and Gracie
    -drove playgroup moms & tots home
    -took Hudson to piano lessons
    -put away the futons our guest slept on
    -swept out the Sunday school room
    -washed a load of laundry
    -grocery shopped
    -folded a load of laundry
    -made twice baked potatoes, sautéd mushrooms, broccoli and dh made bacon for dinner

    That's about it for me today. I do need to hang some sheets and blankets around my living room to dry. Tomorrow I have to take dd to Tokyo for her appointment with the arthritis doc.

    Challenge #2 Ds is making a clock using a kit. He's going to paint the face and then put it together. He's excited about it.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 13 and Hudson 11

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    Good morning!

    Busy day today--not necessarily with our normal things, but of course other things came in to fill the void!

    *laundry--going now
    *take dd to her friend's house--I think they're going to do a clay project
    *volunteering with ds--during our regular swim team time
    *pick up dd and go check the cats
    *National Youth Science Day activity
    *pick up my niece
    *storytime at the teaching gardens
    *take niece home
    *15 minutes of work on the pantry

    And somewhere in there I need to feed my kids dinner, but I'm not even sure when we're going to have time to hit a drive thru. I may take fruit and let them snack in between activities and then feed them for real when we're done. I need to figure that out!

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Good morning!

    Heather -- I know you're glad to have your whole crew home

    Lindsey -- glad the visit went well!

    Jen -- FULL day!

    It's a super busy, FULL day here, too. I think October is going to be kinda crazy -- LOTS of extras (mainly dealing with the ACT prep class, but it's worth it, so....)
    * already showered and ready for the day, and I've had breakfast. Boys are up and just moving. I need to get M. up. K's at work.
    * laundry is moving. I need to get that DONE today. I think I have 3 loads that are washed and dried, just not folded Dh was digging through the basket for socks and underwear. Yep. Time to actually conquer it I'm good at washing. I'm horrible at folding and putting away. I think I have 3 loads that I NEED to get washed today, too.
    * clean the house -- it's Thursday. We try to tackle the house completely on Thursday. I think we did carpets yesterday, though (yesterday or the day before. Guess they need touching up...)

    * K. gets home at 3, and we leave at 3:15 to go to my sil's for the ACT class. Should be home about 8:30-9
    -- I'm taking all the kids tonight. Dh has lots of meetings today, and then a dinner tonight, so I'm taking everyone, and we'll go visit my mil while K is in class. We'll stop and get something to eat and then will go get K. and her friend.

    Busy, BUSY. The good news is that we don't have coop tomorrow, so that adds an element of peace to the mix

    Ya'll have a good day!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    I just skimmed over the last couple of days of the thread that I missed. Can I just say that I love having hsing mom friends that are a stage ahead of me &/or have different gifts and interests. It's great knowing that I have people I can ask about college entrance stuff and teaching high school and even dyslexia stuff. I can get housekeeping tips and learn stuff about living life! You ladies are awesome!

    Heather, I might just have to scourer your blog to figure out how to teach middle school math and science to a kid that is into math and science. Do you have any special tips for the non-sciency moms? It's looking like I'll be home schooling Hudson at least through 7th grade and possibly beyond.
    Cindy, If you find any great books in your dyslexia & reader tutor training let me know.
    Cari, I'd love to do a 2 1/2 days of scrapbooking with friends. Enjoy it!
    Angela, I think your story of not sure if homeschooling was going to work for your family to the all in stage you're at now is awesome!
    Michelle, you're a good reminder to take the time to enjoy the everyday things of life (like humming birds)
    Jen, I love all the cool places you go with your kids.
    Paige, I vote get a new car or at least check some out and see if you can find any good deals.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 13 and Hudson 11

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    We have leave in 10 minutes, so I am making this quick.

    It is another dreary day here and the lack of sunshine is really wearing on me. Maybe I need one of those lamps?

    CH1: Always work to do here. I need to do some meal planning for the upcoming week and for some parties, holidays, etc.

    CH2: I would like to do some nature journal art soon. I guess colored pencils are our go-to medium.

    so far:
    basic morning routine

    up next:
    field trip to see the tabernacle exhibit

    dinner in crock pot etc.

    Hannah has soccer, but I expect it to be rained out
    Ash has dance
    I have my first Schole group of the year.
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Heather -- what pumpkin contest

    Lindsey -- on clock

    Jen -- y'all are super busy lately!!

    Paige -- y'all have busy day too!

    Angela -- enjoy the visit and your 1st group meeting

    So far:
    • morning stuff
    • saw ds1 off
    • waited to see sunrise...again nope, cloudy
    • researched some Christmas ideas
    • laundry started
    • breakfast ds2 & myself

    • laundry
    • kitchen - cleaning & some freezer cooking
    • clean back bathroom
    • gather stuff for tomorrow
    • photo work
    • supper -- see if I have everything or make other plans

    Apparently I forgot or just didn't buy (price to high) various things on my list. Which means some meals I can't fix.

    It is cloudy and cool again. I just want to curl up and read BUT I will try to push on
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Good morning!

    I can't do art. I just can't. I bought supplies, planned things, and just. can't. do. it. A few years ago, I just said 'do what you want with the supplies.' That has been the most successful art thing I have done. Right now Kitty and Princess are in a pencil drawing class. All I do is drive them there. I don't know why. I love art. But there is some sort of block there for me so I just have to stay out of it.

    I like to wake up to see Belle off to school. She leaves early, so we have a little bit of time together and then I won't see her again until after the rest of us sit down to dinner. She still had impressions to share about her first clinical yesterday (a 14-hour shift in an ambulance).

    DH is on the road for work and will be home late tonight. A lot has happened here this week: large branches broken off the trees by the snow, 3 hours of driving to the Irlen recheck, the appears-to-be-shady guy who showed up in the back yard with a chain saw when I was 2 hours away, a sick coyote in the next door yard hanging out by the porch, learning to shuffle when kids need to be different places at the same time and I am with Mom and Belle is working.

    Today the heater repair guy is coming. We haven't had heat for 2 weeks. Also a guy is coming to clean out Mom's car so it can be used. It's in amazing shape, like new, except for the dog hair. Belle is violently allergic to this particular dog, so we want to make sure there is not one remnant of mess. My car has been on the road for 20 years; my sister wants me to use Mom's car and get rid of mine since Mom is here.

    I am feeling pretty weary. Emotionally, I am kind of at the phase of "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and feeling good. But physically I feel weak. Everything hurts. If I sit or lie down, I ache. If I move every muscle and joint hurts intensely as if I have pushed them all to the limit somehow. And if something touches me, it hurts. The pain is what's wearing me out. And with getting Mom taken care of these last few weeks, I haven't been able to even phone the doctor. That is my plan for today.

    The other part of my plan is to print our journals and our planners, and to actually get the planning done that I tried to do over the summer. I know I can't complete that but I can knock out a big chunk. There's more I'd like to share but I need to shower while I still have water.

    Keep swimming, friends, and enjoy your day!
    Robin, wife for 21 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    Adding in more...somehow dd has ripped a contact, so we need to pick up a new one. I can't be too mad at her as I lost a (much more expensive kind of) contact the day after I got them and I was three years older. I guess bumps are to be expected!

    I did get the laundry done, breakfast done and cleaned up, and spent 15 minutes on the pantry. Now I'm going to make myself presentable while the kids play with the kittens and then we'll get school going!

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    Good morning. Yeah, it's actually still morning. It was also morning when I went to bed, though. SO glad I cancelled PT this morning. No way I would have been able to get up and function early enough to get there. Not really sure I can now. All I REALLY want to do is go back to bed!

    So far today:

    • Up, dressed & ready for the day.
    • Relocated Dave back to our bedroom.
    • Stripped guest room bed, tidied up.
    • Collected laundry & started a load.
    • Processed yesterday's laundry.
    • Cleaned both upstairs bathrooms.
    • Collected upstairs trash.
    • Quick sweep of the downstairs.
    • Sent TJ to get donuts.
    • Checked emails, FB, etc.
    • Ordered online CAT test for Phoebe.
    • Sent academic eligibility email.
    • Called Costco about photos.
    • Refilled one of Dave's scripts.
    • Checked list of things to do. Sigh.
    • Checked status of co-op homework.
    • Ate eggs. Because Dave made them.
    • Scheduled PT appointments for next week.
    • Started grocery list. That will be ongoing.
    • Advanced laundry; should be the only load.
    • Processed up-down basket. The first time.
    • Cleaned up LuLa Cave. Not as bad as I thought.
    • Cleaned powder room. Always the worst.
    • Cleaned up breakfast; ran dishwasher.
    • Fridge purge. All home = not much to purge.

    Up next:

    • Quiet time. Except it's too late for quiet now.
    • Check schoolwork (TJ's algebra?). Get refocused.
    • Card to friend who's in the hospital.
    • Continue to assess shopping needs. Many. Dani's coming.
    • Do a LLR inventory order; restock a few holes.
    • Probably time for soccer drop off by then.
    • TJ is working from 3:00-6:00. More or less.
    • Dust/vacuum downstairs. Sweep. Grass from soccer.
    • Mop kitchen floor while no one but Dave is home.
    • Start packing up things for crop & loading car.
    • Pick up Phoebe from soccer.
    • Shower for her; then back to schoolwork.
    • Grill hamburgers when TJ gets home.
    • Empty/reload dishwasher; otherwise clean up kitchen.
    • Call Costco to check status of pictures.
    • Maybe pick up pictures? Otherwise Dave will in the morning.
    • If I do, pick up Dave's script & return bookstore items.
    • Back home; regroup & make sure homework is done.
    • Get Phoebe packed for overnight tomorrow.
    • Backpacks packed for co-op tomorrow.
    • Thursday night football -- Eagles are playing!
    • Final tidy of the downstairs; up-down basket.
    • Phoebe to bed. Eventually. Late.
    • Monitor online sales. But it's been quiet.
    • Bedtime. For me, anyway. Rest is up to Dave.

    And that's more or less my day. I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Lots of things. It always takes a huge amount of logistical energy to pull off this weekend, and that's with Dave & TJ usually around, or at least local. This year, not the case. But so far, things are under control. We'll see if that lasts.
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    Cari in Pa -- Married to Dave for 27 years!
    Mom to nurse Sara (23), married to Mike, almost-teacher Danielle (20), train-boy TJ (16) and my little dancer/soccer goalie Phoebe (13)

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