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    Elizabeth -- Lucy is funny & cool birthday present

    Cari -- sorry about sickness

    Cindy -- we have had..still getting..a lot of rain tonight

    Heather -- is your honey mustard chicken on your PTE? That sounds so good

    Jen -- you make good use of your time. Always busy.

    Step dad & boys got the old stove out, cut out the under stove cabinet. Then went and bought a stove. I thought they were getting a wall mount but they got a regular stove. A nice regular stove!

    They didn't cut out the bottom part of the cabinet (floor part). Sat the stove up on it. I thought it was to help reach plug or something. Stepdad said taking it out was more than he felt like taking on today. So whenever he decides he wants to take that on the boys will help.

    They took the old stove off then Gramps brought them home.

    But my mom now has a working stove And funny thing, they are a sandwich for supper They are a bigger lunch with boys then mama worked on putting kitchen back in order. I don't blame her for sandwiches!!
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    Hi Ladies! Between the busyness, my internet shutting off at 10 on my computer, and the killer cold I've caught, I haven't posted in awhile. I'll have to catch up on the thread, but I've got to go buy some groceries first. It's almost 1 and I don't have much for lunch.

    So far today I:
    -took kids to school
    -Skype interview with a potential intern
    -sent various e-mails to potential interns. I have 12 interns and 2 teams applying to come this summer! The help is great, but it's taking a lot of planning and preparation!
    -worked on the summer calendar/ intern plans
    -e-mailed a couple of potential interns that I haven't heard from in a long time to see if they are still interested in coming

    Up next:
    -turn on the audio science book for Hudson
    -grocery shop
    -late lunch
    -turn on an audio book for history
    -turn on a map quiz game for geography
    -turn on a literature audiobook. I'm loosing my voice with this cold, so I'll be relying on a lot of audio books for school today!
    -pick up kids from school
    -make an easy dinner
    -practice piano

    Sleep well ladies! I'm sure most of you are already in bed.
    Lindsey Carter
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    Hmmmm.... 11:15 pm. Phoebe JUST went up to bed. I'll never understand how this happens, but it always does. I mean, with setting the clock BACK, it's the equivalent of 12:15 am! It would make sense for her (and my) body to want to go to sleep at 9:30 pm, thinking it was 10:30 pm. But we end up losing an hour instead of gaining. And. this. always. happens. TJ & Dave don't care. Dave switches time zones so much, he just shrugs his shoulders. His computer is permanently set to Chicago time so he knows what time it is at the home office. And both he & TJ just sleep. Could care less what time it is. They just sleep.

    Still haven't made myself tackle the kitchen. I HATE dealing with the kitchen. Well, at this point, I think I'm going to pretty much hate dealing with anything. But still. How does it get that way?????

    So far today:

    • Up, dressed & out the door by 3:30 am.
    • Tried to answer emails & such on the way down.
    • Dropped Dave off at the train station. Unknown return.
    • Back home; really not sure how I made it.
    • Puttered around for about half an hour.
    • Back to bed; was able to sleep for about 4 hours.
    • Up, dressed again . Why did I wear makeup at 3:00 am?
    • Made bed, tidied bedroom & bathroom.
    • Put away accumulated pile of clothes from weekend.
    • Collected laundry & got a load started.
    • Refilled all my pill sorters for the week.
    • Fixed all the clocks TJ missed. There were lots.
    • Downstairs; assessed health statuses
    • Called MIL to see if she had my missing cup.
    • Checked email, FB, etc. Responded.
    • Put in support ticket for issue with LLR portal.
    • Started working on Young Living order.
    • Researched YMCA memberships/insurance rules.
    • Set up health insurance fitness account for Phoebe.
    • Sent out a few texts/emails/FB messages.
    • Emptied/reloaded dishwasher; tidied kitchen.
    • Had TJ bring up chicken to thaw for dinner.
    • Called YMCA about holiday specials.
    • Did a bit of back & forth LLR work. Much more to do.
    • Determined XFinity is having issues .
    • Texted BSF leader that I'm not coming.
    • Back out to the car to search for my missing cup
    • Advanced laundry; started second load (it's a BIG pile).
    • Had some fresh mango & I forget what else. Took meds.
    • Called dentist to reschedule. Appt. in two weeks.
    • Synchronized sales from weekend to computer.
    • Uploaded everything to a FB sale I wasn't planning to do.
    • Made the decision about dance; called studio.
    • TJ made lemon-garlic chicken & potatoes in the IP. Ate.
    • Back upstairs; sorted first load, advanced second to dryer.
    • Collected a pile for the youth group flea market.
    • Submitted pictures of our damaged items for credit.
    • Got Phoebe started on photographing new inventory.
    • Processed a couple more sales
    • Talked to Dave. He sounded better than I feel.
    • TJ went to pick up coffee and a few grocery items.
    • Finished photographing and uploading inventory.
    • Did physical count and got inventory to sync across all sites.
    • Phoebe went upstairs to bed. She let me off the hook.

    Up next:

    • Clean up dinner mess; probably run dishwasher.
    • Check out under the sink. Not many issues. (FLM).
    • Pantry check (FLM). But I also have my own issues.
    • Send out a few LLR emails/FB messages. Mostly thank you's.
    • Maybe work on homework for bible study tomorrow night.
    • Do some organizing on phone & iPad. Apps are messed up.
    • Make plan for tomorrow depending on everyone's health.
    • Downstairs tidy; up-down basket, etc.
    • Process completed laundry & all to put away.
    • Get Phoebe tucked into bed; wish I could now!
    • Spend a little time with TJ if he wants.
    • Go to bed. Probably. Time change + this morning =

    The kitchen. Really.
    Cari in Pa -- Married to Dave for 27 years!
    Mom to nurse Sara (23), married to Mike, almost-teacher Danielle (20), train-boy TJ (16) and my little dancer/soccer goalie Phoebe (13)

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