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Thread: Friday DECLUTTERING!

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    Good evening!

    We read a bunch this morning and ds finished his IEW rough draft. Then I went by Pier 1 and then to skating, where we picked up dd's friend to come home and play. I got the groceries, vacuumed the living room, swept the tile, cleaned our bathroom, put new sheets on our bed, and did a laundry room/litter area tidy. Phew! But the house looks nice. I'd like to get in the routine of getting those things done on Friday so we can enjoy them for the weekend!

    I think I'll place a Bath & Body Works order now and then I'm supposed to watch the girls do a concert!

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    Paige -- in the past they have fun that sale again between now and Christmas

    Heather -- way to go on sausage!!

    Jen -- enjoy your concert

    Angela -- yay for sleeping in & breakfast together

    Cari -- yay for extra hour

    done today:
    • school
    • wm - boys got bday gift for friend, I got part of paper goods for group fellowship (they didn't have all needed)
    • Rural King -- boys "needed" to look at something. I ate free popcorn and browsed
    • small grocery
    • put away groceries & fixed supper
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    On the sausage- it was just using ground pork and adding spices. It wasn't like a huge deal, but it helps me to keep things out I don't want to eat. Everyone loved it. We had more for dinner along with other leftovers.

    • worked more on the posters
    • work pick up
    • more poster work
    • commented code was printed
    • made dinner
    • dh reviewed all the work- gave suggestions to the kid who spent the day commenting his code
    • kid worked on the changes and additions for his commenting
    • thought about calling my dad- open up Hank on my Kindle which took FOREVER because my Fire hangs a lot now. Boo and double stink.
    • back to poster work
    • took dictation on fact sheets- our kids make these to give to the judges during their interviews
    • loaded the dishwasher earlier- need to finish that job and get it running
    • stuff was gathered for the competition- to a staging spot in the media room

    Everything is just about done. Losing yesterday was costly. The kids have been at this all day long.

    Lines are being added to a diagram and then those will be gathered and placed in the staging location.

    The team is leaving early tomorrow and meeting others to head down at 6:15. I will be up early to make breakfast so I need to make sure my kitchen is ready for me to cook in it.

    First, I'm going to rest a bit!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Well, I could say good morning again, because it IS morning, it's just not Friday anymore . Got home a little while ago and am finishing up a few things before heading to bed. Really not much of today played out the way I thought it would, but in the end, it worked out decently. After multiple very frustrating conversations, I dropped Phoebe off after dance and decided to be completely irresponsible and left. Without actually telling anyone where I was going or when I was coming back. Back "in the old days" I probably wouldn't have done that. But I have a cell phone. They could have called me. Heck, Phoebe knows how to go on the computer and use "Find My Phone" and could have pinpointed precisely where I was. For all I know, they did. Everyone had gone to bed when I got home. That TOTALLY worked for me .

    Today's Accomplishments:

    • Up, dressed & ready for the day.
    • Bed still occupied; did a partial tidy.
    • Quick check of email, FB, etc.
    • Packed up & out the door.
    • Outgoing LLR to the mailbox.
    • Dunkin & Wawa stops.
    • CPR class. She was late. Again.
    • Called Dave to establish dinner plan.
    • Worked on making LLR numbers match. Quit.
    • Did some research on diet plan options.
    • Supervised high school lit and another CPR class.
    • Lunch & more paperwork.
    • Supervised piano lessons for an hour.
    • Stopped at the farmer's market for a few things.
    • Back home; unloaded car & put things away.
    • Made cookie batter and got 4 dozen finished.
    • Dave made burgers for dinner. And a mess.
    • Collected all the stuff for the dance fundraiser.
    • Took Phoebe to dance; collected/turned in orders.
    • Talked to Dani on Facetime. She's doing great!
    • Dropped Phoebe off at home & went to Norwex party.
    • Cookies were finished & kitchen cleaned up while I was gone.
    • Back home; tidied downstairs & kitchen.
    • Finished loading/ran dishwasher.
    • Packed up items people at church want to try on.
    • Prepped a package for shipping in the morning.
    • Deposited a check. LOVE mobile deposit!
    • Processed mail, tidied desk, emptied co-op bag.
    • Checked FB, email, texts, etc. & responded.
    • Updated list of things to do for tomorrow.

    And that's it. I feel as though I've refueled and am ready to interact with other humans, other than perhaps the male humans residing in my household. But they'll be outside for the majority of the day -- mean side of me really isn't all that sympathetic that it's going to be cold and windy -- and exhausted and ready to crash when it's over. At which point, Phoebe & I may develop a sudden need to go somewhere -- even if I really don't know where "there" is .

    See you all tomorrow!
    Cari in Pa -- Married to Dave for 27 years!
    Mom to nurse Sara (23), married to Mike, almost-teacher Danielle (20), train-boy TJ (16) and my little dancer/soccer goalie Phoebe (13)

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