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    That is scary, Cindy!

    We are home from 4H and winding down. Some fall legos I had ordered for the kids arrived and they worked on those while I read some more. Now we need to head to bed.

    I got everything done on my list except the packing for tomorrow--it's partly done, though.

    The dryer hose came off again, so I had to hang a whole load of towels! Boo! Thankfully I think we're pretty squared away on other things, so there's not a rush for dh to fix it.

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    Paige- have you considered short stories? Would stories by Washington Irving be out? Or is that modern enough? What about Twain? He's an old white guy, I guess. Something super modern like The Hunger Games? We did a dystopian literature course and studied both Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games. It was a fabulous class- something old and something new, but Ray Bradbury is modern having written 451 in the 50s. My guess is with such stringent rules about what they can read, you will not find much in the modern realm that will be suitable. I don't have my American Lit right in front of me...
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    Good Evening,

    Jen-hanging a load of heavy, wet towels does not sound fun. I suppose you can still hang them outside this time of year?

    Paige-glad your book club went well! I can't think of any books off the top of my head.

    Heather- I hope your day went well. Prayers for good health at your house and for your dad!

    Robin- a puppy is a very good idea in my opinion . Ours is two and he is the sweetest.

    Cindy- what a scary news story-it's always upsetting especially when it is close to home.
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    Michelle- I hope your headache went away!

    I am coming to report that I cleaned out our hat/mitten/scarf cupboard last week. I am not sure what I will tackle this week in the laundry room, but I might start to work on our closet instead.

    Rough day today. Really rough. I am meeting much resistance with homeschooling a particular child and I said things I shouldn't have said in reaction to hurtful things he shared. I was told by the child that he hates doing school with me and has for three years. I did not handle it well and there is more to the story, but I won't go into it here . Praying we can regroup and start over, but it's looking like it's time for me to step away or at least take a break. This kind of stuff takes everything out of me. Hope tomorrow is better.

    On a good note, I made apple turnovers for breakfast tomorrow for the family. I am prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow, so no food for me. Bummer.

    We might get up to 50 degrees tomorrow, that's something to look forward to.

    Well, I am off to bed. Hope you all have a good night!
    Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible , and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St. Francis of Assisi
    Phrase 2014: Engage, Embrace, Enjoy

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    Cindy- That is scary! And very sad. People are just coming unhinged. A lot.

    Amy- great to see you!

    Jen- It sounds like you had a good day and spent a lot of it at home. Is that right?

    Robin- more power to you. I can't deal with animals. And we have way too many allergies.

    Michelle- shrink wrapped blocks? That's weird. I hope you find a good container for them.

    AR- Did I read you were going to tell us a story about someone? Because it sounded interesting!

    I never made it back here today. It was super busy. Paige, it is true that it's nice to get the busy days out of the way first but this one came on the heels of other busy days. Whew. I will be glad for some quiet tomorrow.

    Today :
    • did the lunch and work drop
    • stopped for bagels and animal crackers (the crackers were my snack choice for class)
    • played through the Around the World in 80 Days game with R and I- to learn it for my Verne class
    • packed up for co-op
    • went over early to help set up tables, etc
    • co-op from 1 to 3
    • set up our class displays before we left
    • got gas and cash on the way home (cash for E for his movie tonight)
    • chatted with a friend on FB messenger
    • printed out a few more things for my table
    • made a quick dinner
    • co-op night (presentations and walking the tables to see other class work. I didn't look at much and I usually do. As group leaders, Dan and I get things started and pray and make announcements. So, we're there whether or not we have a kid participating)
    • helped clean up a bit- not assigned but Dan put away some tables which is really the biggest job (down a huge flight of stairs)
    • brought in some trash from the van
    • talked with R about her school work- it's been an odd few months between completing her portfolio and traveling for various reasons. We needed to touch base and tomorrow I will help her recalibrate on her science courses. It's time to put some jets on.
    • loaded and ran the dishwasher
    • prepped returnables for the grocery store
    • had trash can brought back to the garage earlier

    That was pretty much our day. I'm ready to RELAX!

    The rest of the week is super quiet- really now that the team is finished its season, we are quiet the rest of the month and most likely the rest of the calendar year.

    I am ready to slow down our pace and get to the good stuff at home- like more reading aloud and more tea time type stuff in addition to the regular work. It's easier to make that stuff happen when you slow down.

    In other news, I was inspired to by The Lifegiving Table as I thought more about today's quote. I have a $4 bouquet of flowers on my counter now and they are lovely to look at. I can get with that IT today. Even in the crazy, carve out the special. Make your meal a time set apart. Anyone else who read The Lifegiving Home read it yet?
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Here’s how I spent my Tuesday:
    -slept in (I had trouble sleeping last night)
    -Skyped with a potential intern
    -sent a follow up e-mail with the potential intern
    -e-mailed another potential intern
    -e-mailed back and forth with the family that is arriving on Saturday
    -e-mailed and set up a meeting time with dd’s math teacher
    -sent my parent’s an e-mail with our flight information. We are going to fly out to the USA on Christmas day!
    -messaged with my brother a bit to let him know we were coming for a late Christmas
    -sent a long message to a lady from a supporting church that is adopting from Japan
    -changed dd’s doctors appointments for Dec.
    -triple grammar & composition lessons (we’re trying to get ahead before Thanksgiving)
    -found two science video clips for ds
    -unit study
    -helped ds with his clock project
    -picked up the older kids from school
    -stopped at 7-11 for a snack
    -made Russian dumplings for dinner. They reminded me of ravioli.

    I plan to practice a little piano and that’s about it for me today.

    Hmm. Paige what about:
    -Little Women
    -A Wrinkle In Time
    -The Giver
    -Animal Farm
    -Out of the Dust
    -The Gift of the Magi

    Amy, I’m sorry you had a rough day. I hope tomorrow is a much better one!
    Robin, maybe you could puppy sit?
    Cindy, that’s terrible!
    Jen, my house was full of towels yesterday. They just don’t turn out as soft and fluffy without a dryer. They also take a long time to drive.
    Heather, I hope you enjoy your slower paced day after so many busy days. I’m enjoying some slower paced days before my crazy week of cooking coming up.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 14 and Hudson 11

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    Good Morning Ladies

    Okay, here are my PS stories of late. They probably aren't that big of a deal, stuff that we have all heard before, but they have been encouraging to me to keep doing what I am doing even though it isn't perfect!

    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up and dropped a friend's son off at Middle School community with Hannah. He is 5th grade, which is the last year in the elementary schools in the area, but the first year in our church's middle school community. Anyway, this young man is a voracious reader, much like Hannah, and the two were discussing books on the drive. At one point, he was asked what books he was reading for school. His answer shocked Hannah, and while I wasn't really surprised,it was still sad. He replied, "We don't really read books in school. We learn things, fill out worksheets, and then take tests, but we don't really read good books at school."
    This kid also tested into the gifted program. Hannah was horrified and it just reminded me what a gift it is to be able to raise my kids in a literature-rich environment and even though literature-knowledge isn't my personal strength, my kids are benefiting - even the one that can't read yet!

    This boy also has a younger sister that is in recovery from Leukemia. She has been done with treatments for 1.5 years, but her body is still suffering from the effects of chemo. She has had some neruopathy and short-term memory loss that makes school very difficult for her. Her mom is a former ps teacher and is very-pro ps, but recently posted on FB that her daughter was having a really rough time keeping up at school and feeling bad about herself because she is "behind." I think I will look for an opportunity to talk to her mom in person and ask if she has thought about pulling her daughter out for a bit.

    We went to a party on Saturday at the home of one of Dan's friends from college. She is a ps teacher, currently a "math specialist" and is working on her admin degree. She knows we homeschool and while we don't hang out with them often, has never seemed very interested in it. She asked me about it at the party. It seems her oldest daughter, in 6th grade - first year of middle school, suffers with anxiety and school has been really rough for her. They fought and got her a 504 which stipulates that she should be tested in small groups, among other things, but the school hasn't been very helpful. The mother is thinking of pulling her out of school next year and maybe doing an on-line program at home. The mom shared that because they haven't given her daughter a cell phone, many of the other girls won't befriend her because they all communicate via their phones. The mom also said that middle school girls tend to be "very mean" and she would recommend I wait until Hannah is in high school before putting her back in ps.
    Again, this just reminded me that with all the talk of "un-socialized homeschoolers" and with my own worries about my kids quirks, separating school and social time can be a very good thing!

    Lastly, I was talking to a good friend on Sunday that has her kids in public school. She also recently became a "library assisstant" at her kid's elementary school, which is a dream job for her. She is constantly reading and especially loves middle-grade novels. We were discussing books and she was recommending a few for Hannah to read when she sad, "I love middle grade novels, but they don't get read at my school." She went on to say that the kids at her school don't seem to be very good readers. Even the 5th graders have a hard time sticking it out with longer books, such as "The Girl Who Drank the Moon." The 5th graders participate in a reading contest, and even though some of these books are on the list, they don't get read because the students don't/can't finish them even when they check them out.
    This mom is very pro-public school, so she wasn't trying to criticize her school, it was just an observation. Ashlyn was slow to learn to read, and doesn't read quickly, but she has read "The Girl Who Drank the Moon." (twice). Again, it just made me think that while I can't offer my kids everything the ps can offer, there are some very important things that we can do well at home that are lost in the ps system.
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