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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Michelle - That is too funny about the beard. I prefer a clean-shaven look myself. Dh had a beard for awhile and I was glad when he shaved it off. He probably would have left it, but he grows a patchy beard.

    Laundry is rolling
    The girls are finishing their last "exam" for the day.
    We have already eaten lunch

    up next:
    make a quick grocery store trip for dessert for the women's meeting.
    finish watching "12th night" with the kids
    leave as soon as Dan gets home to set up at church
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    AR- Thanks for the information on the exams. I'll have to think of something similar for my younger students. As I am trying to finish Minn of the Mississippi with J, I realize once again that he just likes people and their big ideas best. He launched into a whole narration of steamboats and why the blew up which led to other stories of patents and people, etc. I wonder if he wouldn't enjoy the recording of Tom Sawyer at this point. I'm going to chat with him about it.

    Sometimes I don't know why I keep trying to swim against the tide when it is SOOOO strong. I would get more mileage if I let it sweep me sometimes.

    so far today:
    • caught up with the high school senior- went over where she is and what's next and timelines for her studies, etc. I have a few things I need to do in follow up. She's doing well.
    • had a meeting with the 10th grader- to discuss his school and where we are. We've made a decision on English which will be helpful for planning purposes. We will take 1 or 2 week breaks after each 4 week unit of Byline and do some Lord of the Rings. He just wants to read and talk about books with me and he wants to finish the LOTR program. I'm up for that. Gives me ideas on what else to do as well.
    • got some laundry going with the help of I- but it needs advancing at this point. I let it slow down!
    • folded a load of towels
    • had recycling taken to the garage- from upstairs and the kitchen
    • had kitchen trash taken to the can out by the garage
    • had dishwasher emptied- reloaded it with the KP kid
    • made bread dough- and let it rise
    • rolled the dough and shaped it for two bread pans- it's rising again now
    • made a decision ages ago to make chicken corn chowder for dinner- it's about time to get that going at this point
    • read to J from the book we've been doing- just asked him how he felt about Tom Sawyer. I have a feeling J is going appreciate Tom's spark.
    • shopped for a new Columbia fleece- after much online browsing, I found the one that is the same design as my Purdue fleece. I want more like it. If R gets good news, I'll get one from that school. And I found some plain ones from the Columbia site itself. They are super warm which is so important up here most of the year!
    • updated my planner with information from last week and the start of this week
    • washed up some dishes

    Plus, I just realized I need to write up my school reports this week. First quarter is already over! What?!

    The bread loaves are rising. Dh is taking the 6pm bus. So, I'm going to get the chicken cooked for the soup and just now I am remembering that I don't have bacon for the chowder. I do have ham. I might have to sub in, but the bacon is sort of important since I don't use onions. I'll see if I froze any the last time I made it.
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    And it's now supper time! WOW -- the day flies by!

    I did manage to stay HOME all day
    We accomplished a lot of schoolwork. Hurray!
    Got my sheets and some towels washed (now I need to get the sheets back on the bed).
    Some friends came over to visit/play this afternoon -- got here about 3 and left about 5:30. That was a nice visit.
    Cooked peas and rice, corn, and bacon for supper
    Dh is teaching and won't be home til about 8.
    Kids are watching a Dr. Who.
    I'm going to make my bed and then
    may read some

    Have a great evening!
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    That pretty much sums it up!

    We went to writing to PE to the library and were headed home when dh called and said he had locked his keys in his car, so we headed to his clinic (a half hour away on the other side of town) and then stopped at home just long enough to change and leave for swimming. The good thing is that their swim stuff was laid out already (this was clothesline week when they have to wear regular clothes over their swimsuits and do safety stuff) and I had browned the hamburger meat this morning so when we finally got home (after sitting in ridiculous traffic), it didn't take long to get dinner together. So I'm calling it all a win, but I'm wiped out!

    The only things left on my list are 15 minutes in the craft room and ironing dh's clothes for tomorrow. I think I'll hit the craft room first!

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    Paige -- YAY for home and accomplishing stuff!!

    Jen -- smart move on Browning meat

    Angela -- I don't mind beard but I like it short and neat.

    Heather -- our hs group might be going to see Tom Sawyer play this winter.

    I didnt get the hanging clothes situation taken care of. Last night the hanging clothes bar in laundry room fell off wall I tried to put it back but it wouldn't stay.

    Ds1 went to work.
    Ds2 did schoolwork in the morning then went and helped Gramps all afternoon. Raking yard etc. Then home to do more school work.

    I went to several stores. I was looking for my 2 yr old niece a dress for Christmas. I am hoping to have my brother's family gifts before thanksgiving. They will be home then but not Christmas.

    No luck with finding dress. I was hoping for yellow, her favorite color.

    Did remember the glue for ds1 boots.

    Found part of what we need for thanksgiving fellowship.

    Fixed chicken & dumplings for supper
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    Jen - that is a crazy day! I had the exact opposite day since I was without a car.

    Which resulted in me making bread. And I'm happy to say it turned out!

    Amy- I hope today was a better day for you and your son. Boys are funny. I find that they occasionally lose their minds and say terrible things. Then later have no memory of the event or what they said! And I've heard this from many parents of teen boys. Hang in there!

    Since earlier:
    • got the chowder simmering
    • got the bread into the oven
    • started this quarter's school reports- worked on them for a bit
    • made a list of the things I need to work on for school - the list is a bit long
    • shared a few seasonal posts and updated some links- constant upkeep!
    • dh checked in with the van and it started right up- he's going to leave the trickle charger on over night and we should be good
    • called and video chatted with my dad- he's got a little cold. Please pray that it isn't a problem for him! I'm not sure a full blown respiratory issue would be manageable for him.
    • advanced some laundry- found a load that wasn't all the way dry. I need to rewash it tomorrow. Things were out of the ordinary last week and the dryer was set wrong and it went on for a while before I realized it.

    Ok...I think it's time for some ice cream cake and maybe a game. Otherwise, I will answer some email and do some reading.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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