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    Default Favourite Instant Pot Recipes

    This is a spin off of Shelly's Pressure Cooker thread. What are your favourite Instant Pot recipes? I just got one on Black Friday and intend to try it out once I am feeling a bit better.
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    Hope you feel better, Sunshine!

    One of our new favorite family recipes is Sweet Thai Chili Chicken. Here's a link to the basic recipe (but I've adapted it A LOT -- I combined it with another recipe I found, and took out the stuff we don't like/are allergic to).....
    First of all, I go ahead and dice my chicken into bite-sized pieces.
    I put it on sautee in the IP and sautee the chicken in olive oil.
    I add seaseme seeds and minced garlic.
    I do NOT use the fish sauce or soy sauce (allergy) or sarriachi sauce (too spicy), and I've never used the peanut butter.
    I DO double the amount of rice (2 cups of raw rice) and add 5 cups of chicken broth (4 cups might make it less mushy, which I may try next time). You can use white rice and cook it 10-12 minutes or brown rice and cook it 23 minutes.

    So, basically, I sautee the chicken and garlic and sesame seeds -- I do not fully cook the meat.
    Then I turn off the sautee and add the Thai Sweet Chili Chicken sauce (this is the sauce I use, and I get it at WM -- ). Because I'm doubling most of the recipe (except the chicken), I add the entire bottle of sauce (and I don't let it marinate overnight, etc.). I stir it around.
    Then I add some lime juice (a couple of tsp) and some cilantro.
    Then I add the rice.
    and then I add the chicken broth.
    Put the IP on manual and set it for 12 minutes for white rice and 23 minutes for brown rice.

    Baked Ziti is a super quick, easy IP meal.
    Put about 1 1/2 inches of water in the bottom of the IP.
    Add one box of ziti noodles (uncooked)
    Take an container (8 oz?) of Ricotta cheese (I like R., but you could could use cottage cheese if you like that better) and "dollop"/spoon it around -- do NOT "spread" it and make a layer or the pressure will not get through the layer (important to remember for all recipes).
    Add a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce -- Prego, Ragu, etc.
    Sprinkle the top with mozzarella cheese.
    Pick the manual setting and set for 12 minutes.
    (You can also use meat -- I brown my hamburger before I put it in the IP in recipes).

    Boiled Eggs -- I LOVE to boil eggs in the IP. Put a little water in the bottom. If you have the steam basket, use it (I don't -- that's a wish). I set the trivet in the bottom (water should be under it). Stack eggs (however many you want) on top of the trivet. Put IP on Manual setting (I always use manual, btw) and set it for 4-5 minutes. The eggs "steam" and boil that way. My farm-fresh eggs are super easy to peel this way. LOVE it!

    I've done Pulled Pork -- put the Boston Butt (or shoulder) in the IP. Cook it about an hour, and it should just shred. I usually squirt a little lemon juice over the meat before I start.

    I've done French Dip in there -- about 45 minutes (do you have that recipe from the boards?)


    I take dried beans and cook them -- about an hour -- and then freeze them in quart Ziploc bags to use in recipes.

    OHHHH -- another family favorite is Stuff (I think this is a family recipe.....)
    Brown hamburger meat (again, I don't do mine in the IP)
    Chop 1 small onion
    Chop celery (optional) -- 2 stalks?
    Chop carrots -- add "enough" color
    Dice (about nickle size pieces) potatoes -- 3?
    Sprinkle veggies with salt and pepper. I sautee all the veggies in olive oil in the IP for a few minutes.
    Turn off sautee.
    Add the browned meat on top of the veggies.
    Add 1 can of cream of mushroom soup and 1/2 a can of water.
    Set on manual and cook about 25 minutes.
    It's like a stew, and I serve it over rice. My kids LOVE this.

    Btw, I have "big" kids and an almost 13 year old boy, so I double this recipe -- I'll use 2 lbs of hamburger and lots of veggies/potatoes. You can also just use 1 pkg of meat and just add more veggies (I still use 1 onion). Cook time is the same.

    Pork Chops --
    Put pork chops in bottom of IP
    Salt and pepper
    Put a chopped onion on top of the pork.
    You can add mushrooms if you like mushrooms (most of my kids don't)
    Pour some apple cider vinegar on top -- (I'm sure you could do other "vinegar" bases if you'd prefer -- bsalmic, red wine, maybe even apple juice?????)
    Cook about 20 minutes (maybe less? check other recipes for how long they cook pork chops -- that's what I do) on manual setting.

    Like I just said -- if I'm trying something new, I'll look up several recipes and try to figure out a good time. I've use many of my "regular" recipes and just adapted them for the IP to make it quick.

    I've used Pinterest A LOT to just search for recipes.

    BTW, my cousin's favorite thing to do in it is to make a cheesecake!!! I've never tried it, but she says it's the best!
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    apple sauce is my favorite:
    • peel, core, and slice enough apples to fill your pot
    • put a cup and a half of water in the pot with your apples
    • sprinkle cinnamon on top- teaspoon or a bit more
    • sprinkle a quarter cup or so of brown sugar over top the apples
    • add some freshly grated nutmeg if you have it
    • put the lid on and choose the manual setting for 8 minutes
    • let it natural pressure release for about 20 minutes
    • open the lid and mash with a potato masher

    Eat and enjoy!

    From start to finish with a corer, peeler, slicer machine I can have fresh apple sauce in about 30 minutes total with about 10 minutes worth of actual work.
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    I like 12-minute pasta. It takes longer than 12 minutes, but ...

    Put a box of noodles in the IP (not spaghetti, though). Add your preferred veggies: I like to add in some diced pepper and onion and zucchini. Then, meat. I sometimes add in frozen meatballs, sometimes just uncooked hamburger. Pour over a jar of your favorite red pasta sauce. Fill the jar with water and pour that over the top. Don't stir.

    Cook on manual high for 12 minutes, careful QR. Stir.

    I enjoy barbecue ribs, but in the beginning I made them so much my family doesn't want me to make them any more. Put a cup of broth in the bottom of the ip, use your favorite rub on your ribs, roll up the ribs, set them on the trivet in the bottom of the pot, and press the meat button. When they are done, QR then unroll them onto a baking sheet. Baste with sauce and broil a few minutes to carmelize the sauce.

    If you do a little Pinterest search, there are recipes for meatloaf, and a wonderful recipe for the Porcupine Meatballs that I first began to make after getting the recipe off these boards years ago. They are wonderful in the ip.

    We love this mac and cheese.
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