Wow! I never made it back here to post at all today. I was around, but was keeping busy trying to finish today's art project!

  • laid out with the kids items I wanted done today- not all of them got done. Oh well1
  • made fried apples and ham for breakfast- yum
  • changed out two calendars- the one in the kitchen and my blog's editorial calendar (already missed my first deadline )
  • prepared for the art project- we made mixed media trees from the Winter Wonderland course (we've had it three years and are still making things from it)
  • made sure the 4-H paperwork was ready- dropped by campus to have Dan sign his volunteer form and drove on down to the office to turn it all ine
  • 4-H Business- did it all! woot! All of our enrollment forms, picked up state fair premiums, and left a signature for some mileage reimbursement. Also, gave information for a press release on R's trip to Nationals. A very big deal for the local program.
  • worked on the art project- two more steps after my run out into town
  • had Christmas boxes taken downstairs
  • picked up dh
  • went out on a date! - so excited to have spent some time out with dh tonight. The first time in forever. And for no real reason because we have a lot of old kids. But, it's been a busy fall.
  • discussed Advent plans for Children's church this month- I have some ideas. It was fun to revisit a garland I made years ago for a friend. The same blog post from 2008 is still there!
  • finished up the details on my mixed media tree- while previewing more art projects from the class
  • decided to take down art from last year and replace it with seasonal art- on the shelf in our media room
  • loaded and ran the dishwasher late this afternoon

It's time to turn in. Tomorrow will come early and we'll be up and out to make wreaths. Amy, they are live greens. We chose a grape vine base just because I think it will be easier. We'll see. I hope your meeting went well.

Have a great night!