I’ve had a busy weekend. Friday was a day off from school for my kids. After piano lessons I went to the mall. I needed some warmer clothes and I did a little Christmas shopping and grocery shopping.

Saturday I :
-tidied up the living room
-washed what felt like a million dishes
-cleaned the kitchen cabinets
-baked peanut butter chocolate bars
-made sugar cookie dough and froze it
-made dinner
-went to the 100 yen store for craft supplies
-worship team practice

Today (Sunday) I:
-prepped craft materials for children’s church
-sang with the worship team
-taught children’s church
-had a very quick lunch
-play practice from 1:00-4:30
-wrote children’s church lesson plans for the month of December
-responded to a couple of different messages

That’s it for me today. I’m hoping to get to bed a bit early. We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead leading up to Christmas.
Paige and Jen, My ornaments are made, in envelopes, and ready to go. I just need to get them to the post office.
Heather, what age kids are you teaching in children’s church?
Michelle, 53 is a bit cool for me to sit on a porch outside, at least not for long. That was about our high for today, but it was breezy and started out around freezing.
Angela, I think it all depends on how you ask. You’re only “that mom” if you argue, demand a new score, or chew the person out. Otherwise I think it is perfectly fair to ask about the scoring in a we want to help my daughter improve kind of way.
Amy, that is tough stuff!