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Thread: Go-along for Grandfather's Journey

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    Default Go-along for Grandfather's Journey

    We just read a good book to go with Grandfather's Journey, Manjiro. We found that it has several connections to other FIAR books, as well!
    -The author is Emily Arnold McCully, same as Mirette!
    -It has castaways (Henry the Castaway)
    -Racism like Who Owns the Sun?
    -California Gold Rush (The Bee Tree)

    It is a wonderful story, and like Grandfather's Journey, it has a theme of having two homes, or making a home in one country while wishing you could be in the other country. It is a bit long, so it might be better for older rowers.
    Just thought I'd share!

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    Thank you! That sounds like one we'd be interested in.
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