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    Hi all,
    I'm thinking about switching up our routine a little after our Christmas break and am looking at either FIAR or Beyond FIAR. I have 4 children, but the two who I'll use it with are ds10 (grade 4) and dd7 (grade 2). She'll be 8 in April. Which level do you think would be best? At first I thought Beyond and let dd tag along, but maybe FIAR would be best until ds is a little older? They both enjoy being read to.

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    I think what I would probably do is one year (or just this 2nd semester) of FIAR from Vols. 1-3 (any volume is fine). Then one year of Vol. 4, then BY. That's if you want to keep them together. Since they're only two grades apart, keeping them together is probably very doable. You can adapt for each ability level pretty easily.
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    Thanks Rebe. That sounds like a good plan. I guess I was thinking of keeping them together to make things easier. Plus they both like to listen when I read. Right now, I'm reading Charlotte's Web to them.
    But since I've been poking around more on the forums and website, I see some people do FIAR and Beyond at the same time for different kids. What do you think of that?
    I'm thinking they'd both probably listen to each other's readings anyway and want to do all the activities. The only reason I wouldn't keep them together would be because they sometimes can get competitive.
    I will probably keep them together...just thinking outloud.

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    Ditto to Rebe.

    Kristen, my boys are 22 months apart (two school grades) and they can be competitive. There were years that I separated them so that I could focus on each one of them. There were years we rowed together. Different needs for different seasons.

    I would start everyone together as you adjust to FIAR. As you look further at Volume 4 and Beyond (you can see sample pages at Rainbow Resources) and how your kids do when they row together, I think you'll be able to figure out what will work best for your family in the season you are in.
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    Thanks Hollie. You both confirmed my first thoughts. I'm going to check out more samples.
    Happy New Year!

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    Kristen, I'll reiterate Rebe and Hollie's thoughts If it were me, I'd keep rowing Vol. 1-3 this year and would row Vol. 4 next year. We love all FIAR, but Vol. 4 is extra-awesome, and it would be a great fit to combine 5th and 3rd.
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