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Thread: This is a special place..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim in IN View Post
    Shelly, thanks to you I was able to connect with your dear friend Mary when she moved to the area. What a delightful connection that has been. Loved running into her and Brynn.
    Kim, how sweet of you to mention our mutual friend Mary and her family! That is yet another blessing I think of when I think of these boards -- that sometimes long-distance connections can be made and can help others! I'm so glad that you could be there for them when they were first moving to your area! She spoke highly of your family and was grateful for that connection!

    Living out here in the "middle of it all," I am always thrilled when I can possibly meet a FIAR mom! That happened last year when I raced 5 miles down our road to its connection to I-70 to meet Robin, who was passing through from Colorado! That was crazy, but fun! I have met a couple of other Kansas FIAR moms as well, and formed a sweet association to Gwen from TX when we realized that her mom grew up just south of us on the Kansas prairie! There is something about a FIAR connection!
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    I made so many friends here who I still consider friends. I started visiting the FIAR forums when my now 28 year old son was 9. Kathy Ridpath ( I think that was her name) was the administrator and there were only 3 pages and you could read every thread and every reply in one sitting. I could always tell which threads I had read because they would change from blue to red (or red to blue - can't remember now).

    I cried this past week when Grace from Ohio lost her sweet daughter Mary to cancer. I reconnected with Julie from ID on a quilting forum. She sent me a copy of Cowboy Charlie years and years ago. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I got to meet Mary Arnold on a trip to Tampa several years ago and Java Jackie now lives 20 minutes away. I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Ryan while on a mission trip to Florida several years ago.

    I love keeping up with Carol Stettheimer and have always thought she was the coolest because she appeared on Jeopardy.

    I remember when Katherine died.

    I was able to connect with Rebe and Rebecca Troedsson when my youngest joined the Marine Corps.

    You all prayed when my sweet grandbabies were born at 29 weeks and spent 3 months in NICU and rejoiced with me when they reached milestones. They just turned 4 in November.

    I loved the years when the NC and SC girls would meet at the NCHE conference - especially getting to meet Leslie Nelson and her sweet family.

    I miss the FIAR years and I still have all of my manuals and all the books except one to pass on to my grand babies. I bought Before FIAR for the twins and love to hear when my dil does activities with them.

    I have laughed with many, cried with many, rejoiced with many and prayed for many.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love and hugs.
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    I missed this earlier, thanks Kathy for posting in it and reviving so I could see it and share in all these memories with you all too.

    I found these boards in 2000, when my oldest was 2. She's 20 now, sophomore year in college and thriving. Rebecca Crowe was a huge blessing to me as well as I figured out my first born.

    I've been so blessed to meet many of you through the years. Whether it was our FIAR local get togethers, here or in OH (we had such fun field trips in OH! ) or people traveling into town and arranging for FIAR get togethers, or me traveling and some of you meeting up with me as we pass by your way on the freeway, such special times all of them. I always love meeting FIAR family.

    I do see a lot of you over on FB, but it's not the same. This place was my lifeline in those first few years of homeschooling, and parenting. You all will always hold a very special place in my heart.
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