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Thread: Saturday DECLUTTERING!

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    Heather, I love that you keep up a tree. We still have ours up (for one more day!) but Iíd like to keep a smaller one up somewhere... I just love the lights. I do want to leave up some lights here and there. Now you have me thinking....

    Iím praying for your MIL.

    Amy, hugs about the attitude towards school. Parenting can be so hard.

    Paige, hope you start feeling more like yourself. That allergy medicine always makes me feel foggy, too. I know itís worth it sometimes.

    Jen, Iíve been at work in our schoolroom as well. Iím having some of the same problems. Itís just an ongoing thing here. Hope you made some headway.

    Michelle, did you find some motivation?

    Shay ówow, hope you stay warm!

    For today:
    *Yoga with Adrienne Day 5 - loving it
    *DH made French toast with this apple pull apart bread that heíd made for brunch yesterday that didnít get eaten - delicious!
    *Believe it or not, my little gals played some Happy Phonics games - guess we got some school done!
    *2 load of laundry, changed sheets
    *Decluttering and packing up of some Christmas stuff
    *Put together some ďbusy binsĒ for my little girls - getting ready for back-to-school next week. This hasnít ever really worked for Iím hopeful.
    *Took kids to grandparents house - DH and I went to some antique/consignment stores for furniture for kidsí room. We found a cool painting, an armoire, and a dresser! Yay! Our house is old and without closets, so weíre always on the lookout for an armoire that we can get up the stairs (they split). It was a pinch, but we got it up and weíve started filling it.
    *filled a trash bag with dress up/old toys from kidsí room - this feels good!

    DH and I started The Dictator, the Charlie Chaplin movie last night. We havenít finished it, and I tonight I plan to have ice cream while we watch ó yippee!! - and maybe possibly finish this blanket Iíve been crocheting FOREVER. I was motivated to finish it up when in H6ís room today. She desperately needs new bedding and this blanket is twin size. Iím excited!!

    Good night~
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    I liked reading about your trees and lights, Heather. 😊
    Michelle, brrr! Your son sounds like my dh. 😂
    Everything Christmas is still up at my house. 😂

    Today I spent most of the morning- more like ALL of the morning- journaling, studying, praying, thinking, and chasing chickens. 😂 Literally chasing chickens. A hen hatched out 8 peeps and I was trying to get them into the coop. Poor mama actually hatched them in the coop but since sheís taken them out she canít get them back in. 😂 Thry donít know how to go up the little ramp.

    Other than that, I cleaned half of my laundry room.
    Wiped walls and swept up a ton of dryer lint dust on the side of the dryer.
    Cleaned the cat box (least favorite job)
    Did some laundry
    Went to Costco
    Made waffles for dinner

    Speaking of allergies- mine have been off the charts bad since August. Lots of people have said the same. Crazy!

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