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Thread: Sunday DECLUTTERING!

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    Heather - they are nylon. I bet they would dry faster if farther apart! I guess I always leave them up extra time to make sure good and dry. This year they are bothering me more cause they are bigger and one completely out of tub.

    Dh has bad habit of calling like an hour after he should get off and say "hey if supper is done y'all go ahead and eat. I am working late" I use to try and keep supper and wait. After so many of those phone calls now if supper is done we eat!

    So far:
    • kitchen cleaned
    • both baths cleaned
    • living room dusted
    • living room vacuumed
    • folded some laundry
    • laundry washing...need to advance the
    • straightened beside my chair
    • put 1 inflatable in box..moved another where "feet" are up drying (a damp spot from another being on it)
    • fixed food

    And went and laid across bed. Didn't nap but laid there thinking.
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
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    Good evening Friends

    Ashlyn got sick yesterday. She vomited once, but since then has had fever, chills, and a headache.

    So, I stayed home with her this morning and Dan took the kids to church and to Costco.

    While they were gone:
    I exercised
    showered/ dressed
    watched part of the first Harry Potter movie with Ashlyn. She received the book for Christmas and recently finished reading it.
    worked on my Bullet Journal*
    Fed Ash lunch
    took care of the chickens - in the FREEZING cold!!! I know our temps are normal for some of you, but they are COLD for us!!

    After everyone came home:
    helped put away Costco stuff - Dh bought dishwasher tabs, but laundry detergent was on the list - ha!
    school planning
    habit audit
    more bullet journal work
    W2W retreat and monthly meeting e-mails etc.

    **I decided to give my Bullet Journal another go, last year I used the Happy Planner because I was having a hard time forward planning etc.
    I am trying the BuJo/ digitial calendar combo. This will be the first time I am keeping a digital calendar.

    I'm off to eat dinner with the fam!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    AR- I'm sorry Ashlyn is sick. It's a tough season. Good luck with your bullet journal. I still have to sit down tonight and make my new pages. I've been using Google calendar for along time. I like the CalenGoo app with it. I like to color code by making different calendars. It's a more robust way than just adding colors to your calendar. I really don't keep a paper calendar- just the daily list. But, I could easily do that with Evernote or something. I could see myself going all digital at some point. I check there more often truth be told.

    • swept the floor
    • vacuumed the media room
    • vacuumed between the frig and the wall- yikes
    • made dinner for the four of us- dh is working and was to have pizza with the teams
    • updated the church calendar online
    • sent a few emails- including the senior email announcing our first meeting
    • worked on some images for my review later this week
    • podcast work- read over an essay again and put my thoughts to paper. This will be good if I can zone in on what I really want to say for the intro episode to this series.
    • read and gave feedback- on R's paper for her college class this week
    • emptied the bucket of tree water- in the basement sink and rinsed it. It was the water they scooped out of the tree stand yesterday.
    • loaded the dishwasher- with the KP kid and ran it. It got run on accident this afternoon with hardly anything in it.
    • took my walk- for 30 minutes to get my step count

    I just realized I need to make dh his granola. So, I'll get that started before doing more desk work. It's really not that much work, but I really dislike getting it started.

    Off I go!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Here’s a look at my Sunday:
    -went to church with Hudson and Dad. Mom’s running a fever again.
    -stopped by Ted’s (my parent’s older neighbor that is friends with my kids) and dropped off pictures the kids made
    -worked on writing an English camp curriculum
    -talked with dh. He and the older dc made it home okay
    -another Walmart trip. Hudson got a huge Nerf gun and we had to get a bigger bag to take it home
    -washed a load of laundry
    -packed a little
    -played Uno with Hudson

    I need to throw my clothes in the dryer (it’s so nice to have a dryer!) and I might do a little work on English camp. I also want to try to get to bed early the next couple of days to prepare for our trip. We’ll have to leave for the airport at about 3 am. Boo!

    Michelle, Yes my older kids had to get back for school. That is one of the things I miss about when we all homeschooled, flexibility in vacation time. And brr! Those lake pictures look cold!
    Heather, I hope your dh gets to sleep in a bit in the morning after such a late night!
    Angela, Hopefully no one else catches the bug!
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 14 and Hudson 11

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    Lindsey- He just informed me he has a 9am meeting in the morning. It sure is busy for him at work right now. I hope you have a good last few days with your family in the US. I'm sure it will be a difficult goodbye.

    Since last time:
    • made up the granola- it's been baking for an hour and has some more time yet
    • read the introduction and first chapter of A Wrinkle in Time- oh my. I sure can tell why two of my kids like it and I can see why they think their brother won't. Wow- I can also see why this book made my books for gifted learners list! I have not read it before.
    • texted with dh
    • started working on my bujo
    • sharpened our prismacolor pencils- forgot to mention that earlier
    • stirred the granola

    I'm going to continue working on my bujo, but I can tell already I don't want to finish the month tonight. I need to save time for listening to Pride and Prejudice before bed. And my bedroom tree is still on! If I'm lucky, Dan will be too busy to put it away for a few more days.

    I am swooning though because he stopped and bought a box for it at the UHaul place. A large wardrobe box for the tree to stay in the rest of the year. He loves me a great deal to make that stop for this purpose and to store the tree nicely. He doesn't care for it in there, but he's sweet!

    Oh and he changed out the car battery today. He ordered it on line for $50 off and installed it himself. The van should start a little easier now in this cold weather!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Lindsey - I hope you enjoy your last couple of days with family!

    HW - That was sweet of Dan to get the box for the tree!
    I haven't read "A Wrinkle in Time" in awhile, I think the last time I was in college, but it is a great book!

    Dinner was made, eaten, and cleaned up.
    I read a bit and knitted a bit, and watched a show with dh

    We are excited that the high will be above freezing tomorrow and the temps will rise through the end of the week!

    I planned on starting back to school tomorrow, but that may depend on how Ash is feeling. :/
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    I hope those dealing with sickness can kick it soon! I *think* we're just about done with this cold we've been passing around for almost a month. Still a bit of congestion, but not anything like we were dealing with, thank goodness!

    I made it through my list!
    *swimming--our friends went, so we sat and chatted while the kids swam
    *read to kids
    *kids read to me
    *swept the kitchen
    *blog post

    I need to gather a few things in the morning, but I need to get to bed!

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