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    I got a lot of things accomplished today:

    -found my Verticy password reset
    -repacked computer
    -got the sound board bag all ready for pick up
    -mailed computer
    -worked out
    -worked on English camp
    -I tried to return the video game that dd bought, but they couldn't take it because she opened it. Maybe I'll ask my brother if he wants to sell it for her online.
    -worked on packing
    -bought another storage bin and more sheets
    -washed and dried a load of laundry
    -folded and packed laundry
    -made swiss mushroom chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner
    -mom and I taught Hudson how to play canasta

    That's about it for me today. I just need to finish packing and help pack up Christmas stuff before I leave. So I'm feeling pretty good about where I am at.
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    HW. The John Adams mini-series is great, but there is definitely some intense scenes. I found the tar and feathering (in the 2nd episode?) really disturbing. I’m not sure why, I’m sure I’ve seen worse, but it really bothered me. That said, it is a great series. Dan and I really enjoyed it.
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    I can't believe I'm only just now posting. I feel like today I've had a case of the "Monday's" I'm really trying to be positive. Then I'm moping. And I try again.

    Heather, I'm so glad to hear that your MIL is on the mend. Yay for E coming home soon and with good weather!
    Shay, about making the ornaments in the spring! Really it's a great idea! We have only had the pleasure of participating one year (2016) and we didn't make it this year either and the kids were bummed. And sorry you're dealing with that leotard still. Could you hire someone?
    Jen, sounds like you were productive today.
    Lindsey, safe travels.
    Good word, Cindy. Makes me tired
    Michelle, DH moved our pumpkins over the weekend!
    Paige, glad you're feeling better!!
    Robin, glad your Belle is home.
    Angela, I used my IP twice today, and also made applesauce. My sister called me today because her DH heard me talking about mine and bought her one. I haven't been very adventurous or tried many recipes - sorry to hear your lemon pudding didn't turn out well.

    A quick run down of our day:
    • Yoga Day 7
    • watched CNN 10 for the first time with the kids. They enjoyed it. Especially R11
    • re-orient kids with math - went okay
    • bathed little girls, boy bathed, big girls showered - everyone is clean
    • after lunch we went to the park and I jogged - so glad I had the opportunity. I can't believe how warm it is!
    • kids had a "rest time" in which 4 of the 5 read aloud to someone/thing
    • laundry
    • made applesauce
    • piano lessons
    • put together meatballs for dinner
    • ballet
    • moved clothes from old dresser into new - this really took a long time
    • set a new trap for our hamster that went rogue on Christmas Eve - crossing my fingers that we can catch her
    • cleaned kitchen
    • started another load

    You guys. I am beat. And I am feeling so overwhelmed in my house and family right now. Maybe it's all the new "stuff" from Christmas, trying to put the decorations away, remodel in our bathroom, I really don't know. I do know that I am feeling a lot of anxiety about having people over to our house Wednesday morning for the 4H egg hatching that we're participating in. I just can't seem to get on top of the messes in our house. And I have a cabinet sitting on my porch I often feel like I'm the only one that picks up around here. Well, the others do, but I have to nag (or worse) to get them to help me. I don't mean to whine. But today I want to cry. In all honesty, other than trying for phonics and some math when we can, I don't feel like we've done much "school" since before Thanksgiving. I guess that's not too unusual, but I'm feeling like I've lost my groove. I am trying to write down what we DO do, which really is good: reading aloud, games, cooking, crafting and projects (a lot), we go outside nearly every day. My kids are happy. I normally am. Today was hard though.

    Tomorrow we don't have to go anywhere - yay! Hoping I can make my house company ready and find a place for the incubator (quiet and out of direct sunlight - I imagine warm, too, which can be difficult in my old house). I need to make many trips to the basement with the Christmas decor. Praying I can remain calm and not expect too much of myself/kids. Also, the forecasted high for tomorrow is 77* We will definitely be outside playing!!
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