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Thread: Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Shonda -- hate to disappoint, but the Christmas tree came down on the 26th here We put it up Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday) and take it down then because we always have company after Christmas and need the space in the den.

    Heather -- love it about Dan's travel M&Ms -- Jim likes to travel with Lemonheads (and the REAL lemonheads, not the lemon drops -- apparently there IS a difference ). Of course, the kids use the excuse of buying daddy lemonheads to pick themselves up their favorite travel snacks, too

    Mindy -- I vote Rosa's for supper or pancakes and scrambled eggs!

    * I'm back from all my running around
    * Mattie LOVED the water color class -- there are a handful of old ladies who are friends who are in the class, then Carley from church (mid-30s) and now Mattie. Carley was glad to have a friend, and Mattie had a blast and did a great job with her first painting (well, start of a painting!). Good stuff!
    * Cale had mandolin, and the boys got haircuts.
    * Everyone has now had lunch

    * I came home and started a fire. It's 65 degrees outside but is overcast and gray and looks like rain, and it's low 60s in the house. It's cold, so I just have a small fire to take the edge off. The kids agreed. It's necessary

    Up next:
    * finish up with Ben
    * big kids all have school to do
    * I need to grade some essays and read Huck Finn
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    Paige Seriously! When it hits 60* here, we'll open the windows to air the house out! ha
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    Shonda, ours came down on Sunday. No pressure, though - do what works for you!

    Today, it looks cold out but must be pretty warm. The house is always much colder than the outside and I'm comfortable. We do have windows open upstairs, Heather! Boyo says the temp is 60 outside, Paige. We were laughing yesterday about how we went to a soccer game in the fall, and it was 54 degrees and we were all freezing, but yesterday it was 59 and when we took Mom to lunch, we ate outside and were hot!

    We have done table time and the kids are all working independently.

    I am working on the pantry. Several years ago we closed off a back door and turned that space into a pantry. We keep food in there, but also things like serving dishes, small appliances, and such. The shelves are fixed and in a dreadful arrangement, so nothing I do to organize it works for long. But I am hauling stuff out, sweeping, mopping, wiping and organizing shelves, etc. It will be a while before I can afford the time or money to tear out the shelves and replace them, so for now I am just cleaning and reorganizing.

    I emailed the airline that Belle flew on. After she hurt her ankle I called them to request a wheelchair at both airports on her return flight. When she left St. Louis, no one was at the ticket counter to help her. St. Louis is a small airport, but Denver is huge. When she got on the plane, she asked the flight attendant to confirm her wheelchair for DIA. The flight attendant rolled her eyes at my girl, and refused. She had to make her way from the gate to baggage limping. I was not a happy mama.

    I also had to call Mom's living center. They have had some staff turnover, and I had some questions about some things. Supposedly they will find the answers and call me back. However, that is the response I have been getting since all this turnover started several weeks ago, and I have to keep calling. I don't like being put in that position, but I have to make sure Mom is being taken care of.

    DH has been traveling, but is at the airport now. It will be good to have him home.

    We are watching The Great British Baking Show; Kitty got us hooked on that. We are in season 4. Do any of y'all watch it? It is inspiring a flurry of home ec activities around here!

    ETA: Paige, I love hearing that about the watercolor class!
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    Shonda - Our tree is still up! We were going to put it up last weekend, but the weather was terrible (high below freezing and a very damp cold) and the boxes are all in the garage attic. The plan it so put it away this weekend. I have washed all the Christmas linens and dishes and set them aside though.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay, it is time to get the kids dressed for pictures.... pray for me...seriously. This stresses me out to no end. They are all clean and all parts of their outfits have been laid out and ironed, so one would think this should go smoothly....but it never does!
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    Paige! Dh is in KY and I texted him a bit ago. "Sunny, 36 and driving around town with the window open!" The sun was heating up the truck too much to be comfortable. When we were working in the bonus room earlier, I turned the heater off. It was too hot! Bekah walked out at Walmart and whined it smelled like spring and she's not ready for winter to be done. I told her to calm down, it was an aberration and it'll be freezing again by Sunday.

    Heather, travel M&Ms! Yum! Actually, there is NO bad time for M&Ms. But I will admit to being a chip-eater in the car. Doritos... crunch, crunch...

    Robin, must be that time for pantries. I just had Nick do ours last week. It was on my list of Wanted chores. I offer money for those.

    Mindy, I just threw out a bunch of stuff from our first incubator experience! I found it cleaning out our school area and was in a chucking spree. I'm slightly regretting not taking some pics, but it was from 2006 or 2007. We all looked at it then I threw it out. My kids were cracking up at the "corny yolks" section. All bad chicken jokes.

    to those I missed.

    -bonus room DONE
    -Walmart run DONE
    -girls at dance DONE
    -transcript DONE
    -Nicholas has already heard back from 2 of the 3 he asked and both said no problem! Woohoo!
    -ordered SAT scores DONE
    -started his essay. Luckily it's only 150 words, so he can do that pretty easily. Spend less time on word count and more on content and style.
    -Ben is loading firewood while it's nice
    -Nick is running the plow. Snow has been blowing and drifting in the drive. I do not need it to rain and then freeze those drifts into place!
    -dinner plan. Grrr!

    And Joshua is refusing his nap again. AAGGGHHH! It's going to be a LONG evening, but he is NOT going to sleep until after dinner!
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    Adding a shout out to my post in the FIAR Grads forum. Documenting questions for college applications.
    Shay, wife to Rod and mom to Nathaniel(23), Benjamin(20), Nicholas(18), Rebekah(16), Julianne(11), Jonathan(8)and Joshua(4)

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    Good afternoon!

    We've been flying today! At least I have...
    *finished up the regular laundry, did a load of towels, and started the kids' sheets in the washer
    *made cookies
    *school--we've got three good days done this week
    *put dinner in the crock pot
    *took a shower
    *started the dishwasher
    *artist study/tea time
    *dd read to me
    *did some troubleshooting with dd's machine. It's having a needle position problem all of the sudden.

    We'll head out soon. I'll drop dd at gymnastics and then get ds's haircut while she's there. Then home for dinner and back to the church loop.

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    Heather, about the sign for E, and glad he had no issues with travel. Praying for your DH and your MIL, that she recovers completely. My "travel candy" is peanut butter M&M's, but now that I think about it, that's really the only time I ever eat M&M's. I'm feeling kinda "grown up" (like, not in a good way)....what's wrong with me?

    Amy, sorry for your family's loss

    Jen the musical beds! So funny! And glad you're feeling better. Awesome on 3 days of school It feels so good to be prepared, doesn't it?!

    Angela, Paige, I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone on those comments about the shower! How can they not smell themselves? I've tried to be gentle, I don't say, "You stink." But. They do.

    Sorry about your chicken, Angela. We've been there. And I agree with Paige, it's not your fault, sometimes they just die. We haven't had chickens in 5 years, but this past year, we've been unlucky with pets in general, so today when the 4H lady asked if the kids had any questions, H6 asked what we should do when our chicks die. Like it was a given. Oh, hope the portraits aren't too stressful. I'm bet your family will look lovely.

    Michelle, yay for sleeping in and feeling GOOD.

    Shay, way to go on the bonus room! Let me know how you manage to clean it every day

    Lindsey, sounds like you had a nice last day in the USA. Safe travels!

    Shonda, we took our tree down since I was hosting the 4H, but it was a real (dead, dry) tree and it needed to go anyway. I wasn't quite ready myself, but since it was 75* here yesterday, it doesn't feel like Christmas anymore. Sadly. When I lived in AK, people left up their trees until March!! I loved it.

    Robin, I enjoy hearing about your projects. And, I must say, you are a wonderful mom and daughter, taking care of everyone. What a blessing you must be in their lives.
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    Egg to Chick went well, and I now have a tiny, buzzing incubator in our schoolroom. The session only lasted about 10-15 minutes, so the kids then played for the next 3 hours. We headed out the door as soon as the last friend left.
    • short library visit
    • tutoring
    • took non-tutors to the park
    • went to visit MIL at her school
    • picked up Rosa's on the way home
    • Walmart to pick up Rx
    • DH & kids took care of after dinner cleanup while I
    • showered
    • made tea
    • caught up here

    I plan to head to bed early - ha! we'll see - because I feel like I'm coming down with the head/chest cold my kids have passed around. I do in fact have laryngitis right now and can only whisper. It is always funny because the kids will ask me ALL DAY why I'm whispering. Or they'll whisper back

    Still need to:
    • set "live" trap for our hamster (my homemade ones have not worked)
    • start dishwasher
    • read
    • plan our next unit - probably going to work on this tomorrow

    Tomorrow we want to have a real library visit, take donations, tutoring, ballet, and my friend's daughter is going to stay with us for dinner while my friend has an MRI. We'll be home most of the day, and my FIL will probably help taxi to ballet, and maybe DH will help with tutoring if I'm feeling bad. I'm grateful for the help.

    Good night
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    Mindy - wife to Colin since '03, mommy to FIVE fabulous kids dd12, d10.5, ds8.5, dd6.5, dd4.5

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    Mindy- I didn't know you lived in Alaska. Pretty cool!

    M&Ms- They are peanut for Dan. That's his travel snack of choice.

    Since earlier:
    • swept the kitchen floor
    • mopped the floor- both while chatting with dh who was driving. He had it on speaker for about 40 minutes to keep him company on the road.
    • got chicken broth simmering- for the night
    • moved the second load of laundry- finally. Totally forgot about it.
    • had recycling taken to the curb- there's a ton and it's so windy tonight. Of course.
    • watched some of the history drama with I15- the stupid thing is rated T14 and had some nudity in it. Male...for real. T14? It was brief but during a disturbing scene of tar and feathering. I moved past it. Otherwise, a very good show. I guess I will preview the rest. In my spare time.
    • made a quick pasta dinner
    • KP duty was done- begrudgingly by the 19yo.
    • played a game with the kids- which went bad (I put the game away so it won't get pulled out). Great game, but too easy to get into real arguments for our competitive family when we play Super Fight. I think we need to save it for a party game, so there's more people and it's less intense.
    • Christmas items were put in the Christmas box
    • Christmas boxes were taken to the basement- and put in the general area. Dan is the packer down there.
    • foyer- was half heartedly cleaned. I'll deal with it tomorrow.
    • held family meeting- to explain my position on getting things done around here. Ahem.
    • game table was cleared- for a game. Perhaps we'll try another one tomorrow.
    • edited a paper for R- they are fast and furious right now
    • worked on my review- I'm excited about this one, but i'm stuck.
    • hall bath was cleaned by J- with vinegar solution. I asked him to experiment with the counter and he did the whole thing. I might have someone go behind him with a Chlorox wipe.

    Now I'm chatting with Dan via text. His mom is ok. They aren't sure what happened or what's going on but they may discharge her. Dan is staying the night with her at the hospital. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for praying.

    Shonda- Two trees are down and two are up. The main large tree was taken down Saturday. The gorgeous tree in my room was taken down the night before last. And is still sitting in the box in our room. Sigh. I could have been looking at a sweet tree instead of the box. The pencil tree in the kitchen is up until March on purpose. The table top tree in the foyer is also still there for now. All the ornaments are off. It's lights only. I'll take the table top tree down when I choose what to replace it with.

    I think I will finish a section of the post and then take a break. Hopefully the next time I check in, I'll be finished!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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