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    Hi-I have debated about whether this should be posted here-or the special needs boards. My daughter, is in 9th grade but is rather immature for her age. She is very smart but does not always apply herself to her school work-especially subjects she does not like. She is really struggling with her writing. She hates to write. She is one that can tell you amazing stories but struggles to get those thoughts down on paper. I have walked through the writing process many times, helping her to brainstorm and outline but her writing is at an upper elementary level. I guess I am looking for some suggestions on curriculum or writing activities that we can use to strengthen her writing skills. Maybe I just need some encouragement that we need to just keep working at it and we will get there.

    Thanks for any advice you may have.

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    My "I hate writing" & my "I love writing" students have both flourished with IEW's Student Writing Intensive. If you used it I'd place your daughter with Level B. It's an incremental step by step approach, with a firm check-list of things they must meet in order to garner all the points, BUT the words they use to meet the check-list are their choice. This has REALLY helped both of my children.

    My eldest has used the method to write papers outside of IEW, & approached things without feeling overwhelmed. Often that blank paper even slapped my "I love writing" kid in the face a bit, kwim?

    I like that it's DVD based. Students can pop on the DVD watch to the time listed on the schedule, & then do the work that's required after having seen Mr Pudewa work with the students in his classroom. Each assignment has the checklist that the student needs to tick when they hit each mark & another mark for the parent to state that it was hit too. The parent gives a deadline {or teacher if you choose to do an online class with this} that they need to have things done by as well.

    While I have no experience I've heard many people rave about Verbose Writing which is an online class of sorts. I think many parents like that they are removed from the grading & the "Fix this" aspect of it. I can't speak to it though as it's not what we use at this stage..
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    Can I ask a few question first?

    What part do you think she struggles with the most? How well does she do dictation? Can she spell well? Is her handwriting fluent? How well does she comprehend what she reads?

    How well does she do with putting ideas into her own words? How well does she write a mini-report on a subject she knows very well?
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