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    I would love some direction as to how you handled this topic with your pre-teens? Iíve got the Godís Design books, and weíve read Book 2 Before I Was Born several times, but my girls, 10.5 & 11.5 are needing more. I have the next book, Whatís the Big Deal, but Iím not sure. Didnít seem like a natural read. I love that my girls come to me with their questions. I definitely want to be the one to answer them or help them find the answers. But I also donít want to give them too much information. These are uncharted waters for me! DH and I certainly didnít have parents that encouraged discussion of this type.

    So glad this is a safe place to ask.
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    We read Almost 12, all though after they were 12 to be honest. I skipped parts of the final bit for various reasons. I would encourage you to pre-read, but that's me & you may feel differently. FWIW, I have one who took it all in stride {he was over 12} & the younger one who was more curious {at 12 or just about 12} who was white faced & round eyed when it was over. He jumped up & said, "I could have lived 100 years if you'd never told me that horror story."
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    Mindy, when my girls were about 10, we went over the Am. Girl book The Care and Keeping of You, and I gave them the copy of the book to refer to as often as they needed/wanted. That covers all "girl" stuff but no boy stuff and no s#x.

    Once they actually started their periods, I went over s*x. I got two books -- the 3rd one from the God's Design for S#x series -- What's the Big Deal
    and How You are Changing -- I'd read through both of them and actually discussed the topics before I just handed them the books (diseases, I think birth control might be in there?, m@lestation ). Honestly, I can't remember all the details -- it's been a LONG time ago BTW, I didn't go over it the day after or even the week after they started (that might have been too traumatic ). I waited a few months, probably, until they were comfortable with what was going on with them, and then I introduced them to the next step.

    That's what I did with my girls.

    Hope that helps.
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