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Thread: Saturday DECLUTTERING!

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    • chili is in the slow cooker
    • most of that paper clutter from the secretary is finished... I still have a tiny pile of "where should I put these things"
    • packed away most of Christmas... there's still a couple things to do
    • laundry is done!
    • tidied up the living room a bit while de-decorating

    I want to work on school and tutoring stuff the rest of the day/evening.
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    Cindy- Yes, what you described is what I saw. Now I'm wondering where I would put that. In my bujo? In my school planner? Lately, I've begun to follow Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight again and that woman has an extraordinary number of planners. How in the world? Like she uses them all the time. I think I'm kind of smart, but I do not get what she does with all those and, more importantly, how does she reference them all and do the stuff that's in them all? Which brings me back to my original question. Where would that fit best? Also, I thought of you with all your tutoring reading.

    Mindy- for a while I tried assignment books in spirals for my kids, but it was tough to keep up with. What about just a whiteboard with it sectioned off and a checklist for each of your kids?

    • made sausage gravy- by request. That is something that we can't really have a lot of around here. I don't plan to eat it again.
    • R made biscuits
    • loaded the dishwasher
    • did the dishes
    • wiped the counters
    • took the last few Christmas things- to the basement. Near the Christmas box which needs to be taken down off the shelf. I figure I can do that when dh returns and he wants to help out.
    • had laundry switched to the dryer
    • folded a load of laundry
    • blog work- some affiliate work and updated my blog post idea list
    • video chatted with dh- his mom is back at their retirement community staying in a health care room until she is stronger.

    I'm cold this evening and my feet are on my warming mat. Brrr. It's 8* out. Yesterday we had the windows open.

    Tonight I think we'll have leftover pizza. We have plenty of it and then I don't have to cook. Then we'll see what I'd like to do next. Perhaps I can set up the reading checklist. Or paint.
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