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    Has anyone used Easy Peasy's All-in-One Homeschool's math? Here's the link:

    I think it looks good. I'm debating for next year. This year we've used Life of Fred, Mathseeds, and worksheets from

    My dd enjoys everything we've done. I'm thinking pros for Easy Peasy are they combine online math games with worksheets, have their scope and sequence available and have a free pdf for math worksheets. My dd loves the online games from Mathseeds, so maybe EP is a good way to incorporate online games but for free.

    I have already bought the LOF books through E (can't remember what the E book is called.)

    So, before I found EP, I was thinking we'd do Life of Fred and some math worksheets from for 2nd grade.

    Now, I'm tempted to try EP only, because it looks so easy to use.

    Anyway, I'm just looking for thoughts on math for 2nd grade. I don't really want to buy anymore math curriculum. I've spent enough on curriculum lately. Thanks!

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    I'm sorry you haven't gotten any replies to your math question. I haven't used Easy Peasy so I can't really comment on it. I have used LOF though and we did enjoy that. We used it while taking a break from a different curriculum when my son got really stuck on some math concepts. I really enjoyed this method of learning math.

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    Just looked at the link. Did you end up trying it? It does look easy. And its free so would be no problem to try it out. Or to add to your day as some fun math reinforcement.
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