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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Michelle - That sounds like a fun outing!!

    Elizabeth - White chicken chili; one of my Instant-pot go-to meals. Everyone likes it and it is easy to make with either fresh or frozen chicken.

    Jen - I hope you made it through the day without snoring!

    HW - the chicken noodle soup sounds yummy!
    Yes, I remember that you said the classes were a disappointment -that is a shame!

    evening update:
    we finished school
    I got dinner going in the Instant-POt
    Dan came home in time for me to leave the other two when I took Ashlyn to dance
    I worked on my talk some while she was in class
    home for dinner
    read aloud to the kids

    up next:
    type up my notes
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Michelle- That is a fun scavenger hunt. Our youth group used to do things like that. Two of our kids did one at Reformation Day with their Bible study. Fun stuff!

    AR- Are you speaking at your women's retreat? Exciting! We are gearing up for our trip next week. I got an email from the retreat organizers. Apparently, Mr. Laws is a passionate teacher and is hard to keep on a schedule. The ending times are highly questionable. We are leaving for home after that so I was worried, but Dan seemed ok with it when I told him at dinner tonight. I learned this a few days ago.

    • read aloud from Anne of Avonlea at lunch- I love these stories so much!
    • watched several videos on putting tube watercolors into pans- You Tube is a special place.
    • filled my watercolor pans- and even received the missing color in the mail so that I could do the last one. I labeled them too, so I won't get confused on the colors. I need to do that with my travel set.
    • did some dishes and got the dishwasher running
    • kept laundry going- hung a lot of dh's dress clothes as they came out of the dryer.
    • got the refill called in for the med- office totally dropped the ball on many levels. Hopefully it only gets better from here.
    • took R downtown to get her contest materials- she got a great set of purples and blues in jewel tones and one piece of exquisite brocade fabric. She is busy doing research. I can hardly wait to see what comes of it all. Did I mention first prize is two tickets on the campus bus to NYC? Cornell has a tech research campus there and the medical school is there as well. So, there is a bus that goes the five hours daily.
    • picked up dh on our way home
    • made dinner
    • talked with my dad- he and my mom were in good spirits. They had a visit from my nephew and his family today (one of my brother's six sons) and his wife cut my mom's hair. She's a stylist. So nice! They had a good visit. But, my dad confirmed that he can't do anything really at all anymore.
    • did some follow up work for a client- consulting is fun!
    • filled out the paperwork for the boys- to join the local RC flying club. I15 skipped last season because of Lyme, but he's ready to fly again and J has a new quadcopter so he joined to fly at the field but also this time of year at the local gym. They fly indoors twice a week. I hope to take them when we return from our trip. I still have to register their planes with the FAA. It's $5 a plane/quad and you have to have the registration number on the plane just like real ones.
    • switched the towels to the dryer- my last load of the day
    • read some of A Wrinkle in Time- to distract myself and you have any hope of using that silly reading journal!
    • finally found a charging cord to charge my headphones- I asked R to do it. She has the same set. Dan moved his cord and we don't know where it went!

    I got almost everything on my list. Tomorrow I will get that reimbursement form into the mail.

    Hopefully, I will sleep better tonight than the previous two nights!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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