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Heather -- the porch card made me smile I got a few minutes on my porch yesterday but not as much as I would have liked. Today was FOGGY, rainy, windy and COLD.
So happy to make you smile! My porch is good for cooling down my leftover soup from the IP tonight. I'll put it in the freezer in the morning most likely. That's about it. I bet tomorrow we wake up and the snow we've been getting everyday for over a week will be gone. Stink!

I have a feeling that I might be missing the best weather for tapping our maple tree this week too. Gah!

Since earlier:
  • did the big girl thing- and cleaned the kitchen
  • loaded and started the dishwasher
  • washed up dishes
  • prepped the pork roast in the crock put
  • jarred up the leftover soup- still have some more jars to fill though
  • took pictures all afternoon/evening- of R's tshirt project
  • chatted about the trip- sent my siblings a message about getting together (have not gotten a reply)
  • started a list of things to take- I'm unsure about my painting supplies.
  • dh cleaned the hall bathroom floor- with the special vinyl revitalizer stuff. I can hardly wait until he does the kitchen, but we're waiting until the mud season is over. So, much later this spring.
  • he also put the flag back on the mailbox- with a screw and washer

E isn't feeling well. I hope he is doing better tomorrow and not getting sick. He never feels great, but I hope this isn't something worse.

R stayed home from a group study she goes to every Saturday in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to people possibly being sick. She goes to two groups one is for high schoolers and older middlers and the other is for college students (she's been going to the college one for over a year now). Tonight the younger group was meeting and she couldn't really speak with confidence that the younger kids wouldn't show up half sick. So, she skipped. We've really tried to lay low. I hope it has worked.

I'm also happy to report that I now have a food grade little trash can- for holding sap before it's boiled. And I now have a piece of coroplast (sign board corrugated plastic) which I can cut into four and make little boards for watercolor.

We've made the decision to buy a new mailbox (ok we'd decided that a while ago). I've been pushing for a large mailbox- the kind that boxes can fit in- the bigger ones. Based on the crabbiness of our mail carrier, dh has now agreed. Before he was hesitant based on cost. Now it's pretty much necessary. We will put it up when we can easily dig the hole and set the concrete. So, when it's much warmer than it is now! But, I can't wait!

I've managed to stay chill for most of the day.

I wonder if I can do that two days in a row?