Well, I'm going to chime in here once more just before Valentine's Day is over.

It looks like you are loved very well!

Michelle- So excited for you to have your husband thinking outside his normal. Love it when dinner comes home! I've been eating out all week and somehow I've been getting shortchanged on meals, so it's been odd.

Shay- I have to clean out my one bucket and spile too, but Dan bought me my food grade small trash can. Maybe I ought to consider that my Valentine's gift!

Jen- Praying for your grandmother. It is such a bad flu season.

Leslie- Praying for your sick son. I hope everyone is on the mend soon!

AR- So glad the talk went well. I hope your enjoyed your Chinese food!

Robin- How's the project coming?

Paige- Did you get all those errands in? I ended up watching figure skating with R this evening. Exciting finish!

The day out with my friend was great! We met at Panera for breakfast and as I suspected, that was the only thing she planned to eat for the day. We talked a lot. I painted a landscape and she did some coloring. She works for a publisher and always has tons of books. Today she wanted me to take some with me. Oh my goodness. I picked up one that was in my Amazon cart. It is GORGEOUS! Lots of coloring books and a journal and a YA novel that I've wanted for a long time. So fun!

Came back for dinner and then back to our rooms.

Right now is is pouring. And it's loud!

Looks like there will be showers tomorrow afternoon. But still warm. My coat with a hood is my winter coat and it will be 66*. I'd rather wear my vest but not if it's going to be raining. Hmmm...

Have a good night!