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Thread: Anyone use FIAR with a 13 year old

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    Default Anyone use FIAR with a 13 year old

    Just wondering if anyone has ever used FIAR (vol 1-3) with a 13 year old. He is dyslexic and behind in writing, spelling and grammar, but otherwise does fine. I would use it to teach him and his 8 year old sister. Thoughts??


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    I wouldn't use Volumes 1-3 with a 13 y.o. You could try Volume 4 if you want to keep both children together, but his age is better suited to Beyond FIAR.
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    This is most likely the last year before high school, right? Or next year - so Beyond is the way to go. It promotes more independent learning.

    I found that with my kids who were 5 years apart, we could do very little actually together. It's just too far apart in age. They can peek in and benefit from seeing/hearing what each other are doing, but not actually learning most things together, especially so close to high school.
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    Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback.

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