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    Cari- Good to see you again. I hope things settle down for you!

    Shonda- I forgot say hi to you earlier! I hope you'll check in with us a lot during your project.

    • got dinner together- waited a bit to have dinner because the kids were out playing in the park (all of them!)
    • texted with a friend
    • got the broth going over night
    • washed up dishes
    • emptied the dishwasher- and the KP kid cleared he table and loaded it
    • read a bunch of Parenting Gifted Kids- such a great book. I've had it a long time and never read it. Last night I was reading before bed and accidentally opened that title. So glad I did! Must have been a divine appointment since I was working on that lesson in my course.

    Not a lot done this evening. I was hoping to do more writing, but I did work on the course in a sense since I was reading related material.

    Have a great night!

    Lindsey- I hope you have a great day today!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Finished out the night:

    • Up (way too early), dressed & ready for the day.
    • Did a partial downstairs tidy; Needs work.
    • Checked emails, texts, FB, etc.
    • Evaluated list of things to do. Looks to simple.
    • Attempted a quiet time. Prayer time = sleep .
    • Prepped two Lula packages for shipping.
    • Made sure Phoebe was awake; TJ can sleep for now.
    • Emptied dishwasher & reloaded. That helped.
    • Back upstairs; made bed, tidied bedroom.
    • Collected laundry & got a load started.
    • Had Dave get out chicken to thaw for dinner.
    • Grabbed a Young Living shake for breakfast & on the road.
    • Phoebe's piano lesson. Did some Lula work.
    • Target -- Rx refill, bridal shower gift. Success on both.
    • AC Moore -- Phoebe needed something called alcohol ink?
    • Starbucks -- gift card for Lula contest prize.
    • Back home; checked in with TJ, schoolwork on track so far.
    • Advanced laundry; one load should do it.
    • Cleaned up kitchen; guys made breakfast .
    • Sent out SB card to Lula customer.
    • Checked emails, texts, FB, etc. A few responses.
    • Talked to credit card company. Resolved that.
    • Talked to American Express. Fraudulent application cancelled.
    • Talked to identity theft specialist to reinstitute services.
    • Filed police report to be picked up Wednesday.
    • Talked to friend who's an accountant. Still confused.
    • Another friend brought needed coffee & sympathy.
    • Did a little bit of Lula work on FB. Made payments.
    • Prepped dinner & in the oven; partially cleaned up.
    • Bit more Lula work before dinner; updated calendar.
    • Kids processed up-down basket & partially laundry.
    • Dinner. Like I said, not too bad. Probably try again.
    • Mostly cleaned up dinner; ran dishwasher.
    • Packed up & out the door to Phoebe's dance class.
    • Listened to webinar on incorporating self-care. Hmmm...
    • Did some FB Lula stuff while listening.
    • Back home; check & finish up schoolwork for the day.
    • Cleaned up kitchen from dinner. Sigh.
    • Helped TJ proofread economics assignment.
    • Took a hot bath; muscle spasms in hip acting up.
    • Loaded one FB Lula sale; other not ready.
    • Went to bed; have no idea when anyone else did.
    Cari in Pa -- Married to Dave for 27 years!
    Mom to nurse Sara (23), married to Mike, almost-teacher Danielle (20), train-boy TJ (16) and my little dancer/soccer goalie Phoebe (13)

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