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Thread: Sunday DECLUTTERING!

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    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
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    Weekend Accomplishments


    • Slept in. That was awesome. Did room thing.
    • Tossed a load of laundry in the washer.
    • Took Phoebe to make-up dance class.
    • Did some Lula work while she was there.
    • Two quick errands on the way home.
    • Got TJ to deploy ant traps. Ugh. Already.
    • Coffee on the deck with my best friend.
    • She helped me do a physical inventory count.
    • Learned how to make cheese-stuffed meatballs.
    • Chick Fil A for the girls; pizza for TJ & friend.
    • Took Phoebe to see musical her friend was in.
    • Tidied up downstairs; loaded/ran dishwasher.
    • Bit more Lula computer work in there.
    • Advanced laundry. Forgot earlier in the day .
    • Tucked Phoebe into bed; colored & went to bed too.


    • Up, dressed & ready for church. More or less.
    • Finished making meatballs in crock pot for church lunch.
    • Off to church, Sunday school, and ladies' luncheon.
    • Back home; found out Dave was arriving in two hours .
    • Quick but thorough tidy of the downstairs.
    • Processed yesterday's laundry & got everything away.
    • Made bed, otherwise tidied bedroom & bathroom.
    • Lula work, updated calendar/Cozi/menu.
    • Tidied up the Lula room; we left it a bit messy.
    • Prepped a couple of packages for shipping.
    • TJ headed to youth group; Phoebe stayed home.
    • Dave home; hung out & leftovers for dinner.
    • Fell asleep watching the race with them.
    • Went upstairs, prepped for bed & did Bible study.
    • Refereed squabbling. Adults AND children.
    • Collected & started another load when Dave came up.
    • Dave fixed Phoebe's broken shade; she went to bed.
    • Attempted to settle down. Fail. And here I am at 12:25 am.

    That was our weekend. Overall, a relaxing one. I certainly liked the sunny 80s of yesterday more so than than the rainy 40s of today. Sadly, tomorrow will be equally chilly, heavier rain, and windy. Unfortunately, that doesn't justify skipping piano, nor do I think it would give me an excused absence (and therefore no $70 late cancellation fee) for the doctor's office. Sigh. I can already hear the wind. And the rain. Ugh.
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    When it rains it pours. Today I went to the doctor with lower abdominal pain. He thinks I have diverticulitis. So I get to start more medication and hope I don’t have another allergic reaction. I spent most of the day just resting. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon. I hope you ladies all have a great Monday!
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 14 and Hudson 11

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