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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Good afternoon!

    Joelle! It's good to see you!!


    *listened to a bunch on Echo--and for some reason threw the breaker (is that the right phrase??) on the office closet where all the internet stuff is twice...which disconnects the speakers...
    *did another load of laundry
    *got the boxes ready
    *dd finished her apron
    *reviewed My Plate
    *swim team--ds was interviewed by the news while we were there, so I'll have to check their website tonight

    These we were heading to swimming, I put the book on in the car. Then I get a call from dh that the book is also blasting on the speakers at the house! What?! How does that even happen when I'm miles away?? Ugh.

    Heather, we are having the Food Showdown (cooking competition) tonight. I'm not horribly stressed about this because my kids are not big cooks and pretty much just do it to have fun with their friends. So hopefully it will be a fun evening!

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    Joelle - Your co-op sounds like a lot of fun. I have loved being a part of FIAR co-ops! Good luck on the deep cleaning. Sounds like a great plan!

    Angela - I'm so sorry for the poor attitude of the NP. I hope you improve lots by tomorrow!

    Paige - Sounds like you and K are doing a great job! Its nice when they listen and learn from you.

    Heather - What a great surprise to come home to a clean kitchen! Great job guys! And yay on classes selling!!!

    Jen - That sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to hear more about it. We did a cooking competition for a birthday party for my oldest one year with his friends that was a lot of fun.

    We had a great day for our field trip today. I love field trips! We go on one at least every other week. (I've been organizing field trips for a long time and really love taking them.) We had a gorgeous sunny day! The planetarium show was good and as a bonus she did an additional 20 minutes on what we could see in our night sky. Its a great tie in to the astronomy that we have been doing this year.

    After the show, my dh picked up the teens and they went to play bball in the campus gym. A couple of the moms with our younger girls went to have lunch in the middle of campus before meeting back up with the rest.

    Trying to get a bit of school done while we are home, but not much is happening. Need to get dinner started too.
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    Hey Ladies,
    I wrote out a post earlier, but now I don't see it - stink!

    Hw, Michelle, Paige, and Leslie - Thanks! Yes, I would have much rather been at home than at the Dr's twice in one week and paying another co-pay!!

    Dan came home early and took all the kids to Ashlyn's dance class and told me to stay home and put my foot up - so sweet! He also took the grocery list and he HATES grocery shopping!
    I stayed home and rested and watched "Focus and Align 2.0" from the RAR. I missed it on Monday - it was good, as always! I really need to hear that bit about negligence and anxiety every spring, whew!

    Speaking of Spring Panic, this leg infection has really thrown me off. We have only been getting the minimum in this week - ugh! We hit Table Time on Monday, but that was it. I'm hoping to do it again tomorrow

    I'm off to meet a mom at Panera in a bit.
    She is a friend of a friend (Jen - she is friend's with Rebecca G.) She has 5 kids ranging from high school to age 2 and will be bringing the 3rd one home to homeschool for the first time!
    She is interested in CM and just wants to get together and chat homeschooling.
    I hope I can be an encouragement.

    Leslie - so glad the field trip went well!

    Paige - The Dr put me on Bactrim, the np said it was good for staph infections. The NP put me on Cephalexin, she said that was good for strep infections.
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Hello ladies! It’s another full day for me.

    So far:
    -responded to an inquiry about interning with us
    -sent a budget approval for an upcoming intern

    up next:
    -hang a load of laundry
    -start a load of laundry
    -put away games from game night
    -quick living room tidy up
    -group devotions
    -piano lessons
    -plant the garden. We bought all the plants yesterday and the interns will weed and get the ground ready this morning.
    -make dinner
    -fold laundry
    -work on the schedule for the team arriving next week
    -Skype call with the team leaders for the team arriving next week

    Angela, sorry about the NP. Praying your leg gets better!
    Joelle, your co-op sounds fun
    Paige, I'm glad I've got a couple of years before college stuff. Although, I do plan to have Wesley take a practice SAT and ACT this summer in order to decide which one we want him to focus his studies on. How can our babies be getting this old?
    Leslie, field trips and gorgeous weather are a great combination!
    Lindsey Carter
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    Lindsey- Kids grow fast, don't they?

    AR- Spring panic hits no matter who we are! One thing I wrote down is that we bring our basket and God makes it enough. And our job is to be faithful to the task. I think it's important to just work on what's next and let the big picture rest when it gets to this time of the year. Take stock of skills and declare your finish line. Then finish well.

    Since earlier:
    • discovered some things that should not have gone through the dishwasher- sigh
    • explained what to do next time
    • work pick up
    • choir
    • stargate is happening
    • discovered a plumbing issue- not looking forward to sharing that news
    • researched product bundles- this is not a trivial task

    I plan to sit on the POH for a bit tonight. I'm feeling a little unfocused, so I'm not sure what's next.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    HW - Yes! I love that part in "Teaching From Rest" but it was good to hear it again! Also, my kids have all improved skill-wise, and recognizing that made me feel better. Thanks for the encouragement, HW
    I hope the plumbing issue isn't too bad!

    Lindsey - thanks for the prayers!

    The chat with the new-to-homeschooling mom was nice.
    She has nine kids the oldest is in college and one is graduating hs this year so she is not a new mom. We had a nice conversation.

    I'm off to bed.
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    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Good evening!

    Had a good day. Co-op went well. Kids enjoyed the surprise of having pie to eat My dd is sad to be finished with her writing class. She loves to write! Trying to figure out something for her to do related to writing over the summer. There are many art classes and sports camps over the summer, but I really can't find anything to do with writing. Boo.

    Decluttered the guest room and got rid of some of the items that were stored in there. I need to take a trip to the thrift store to donate more items. Maybe tomorrow? Got about half the cleaning part done. I should be able to finish the rest of the cleaning quickly tomorrow before moving onto another room.

    Zumba was good! I 'won' a 6 month basic membership at a gym at our church's preschool's auction. I had been going in and doing videos they have in a program to strengthen my core. I decided that I'll upgrade to the next level over the summer so I can take unlimited classes. It is only $10 more per month. It was good to get some cardio - I've been not getting any for quite awhile.

    I'm off to do some reading for a bit before going to bed. It was a good day!

    Angela - your leg! Ouch! How did it happen? Sorry about the rude NP. I usually like the bedside manner of NPs more than Drs. Hope you don't have to see her again.

    Paige - glad you found some good info re. classes for Katie. Hope she gets an A in the class!

    Michelle - part of my annual deep cleaning is washing all the big bedding (and curtains, etc. etc.) Takes a lot of time!!

    Heather - where will Rebecca be going to school in the fall? We're getting ants here also - boo! It would probably help if I'd sweep more

    Jen - food showdown sounds fun! That would freak me out if speakers started playing when no one was around!

    Leslie - great job on doing field trips so often! The planetarium sounded great! I want to do more field trips, and I think I'll do more, but then I get caught up in the busyness of life and school, etc. and put off doing more field trips. Maybe I will improve on that next year.

    Lindsey - how many interns are helping you right now, and how many people are coming on the team? So nice that you have different people to help you.

    Off to read and then bed - hopefully by 11, but probably really 11:30.

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