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Thread: Sunday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Sunday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Kitchens- clean them, organize them, work on food storage, try something new, keep tummies happy.

    School Challenge: Prepare for a new week of school.

    Inspiring Thought:
    Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see. - C.S. Lewis

    For me today:
    • church
    • PTE- I need to do a better job of meal planning. I've lost my mojo the last few weeks.
    • work on my desk- if I want to sit there instead of the school table.
    • school planning- for the coming week. Need to work in math test practice (arithmetic instead of the higher math they are all doing)
    • group work- make certificates or get a hold of the lady who has them and get them
    • Algebra- make sure it happens
    • measure the driveway- I want new stones!
    • play a game
    • blog work- a lot on my list

    Looks like today will be cloudy and rainy, so no time at the arboretum. The next few days after today look decent. So, hopefully we can get over there while everything is still in spring bloom.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good morning!

    Heather, PTE is definitely on my list!! With being out so much the last few days we are about the lowest on supplies we've been in...I don't remember when. We were watching Cobra Kai last night and when we took a break so dh could get a snack we both remarked that our kitchen contents were pretty much like Johnny's.

    Yesterday we were up and out early. We dropped the kids at swim team where my mom and dad were and then dh and I went to the hs convention in OKC, had a nice lunch, came home and I napped, and then we finished the series. Sooo good.

    Today's plans:
    *laundry--first load started
    *get birthday gift for party
    *drop ds at party early--he's helping
    *take dd to party later
    *Walmart??--hopefully during the party to get a few things...
    *choir performance--it's our last night!
    *PTE/grocery order
    *planning/school room work

    That should more than fill my time!

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Jen -- sounds like a nice day yesterday!

    Heather --_I have lost my meal mojo too. Wait maybe I never really had it.

    A beautiful morning here in my porch. Sun shining, birds chirping and already 67*.
    I am a little concerned I haven't seen my hummingbirds this morning nor yesterday

    The group home next door has made some changes. Use to be several women residents at this facility and the men were in the facility in the next town. The women were always sitting outside. Last week?? I noticed a man moving a basketball goal & then shooting hoops. Thought it was an employee boyfriend.

    Apparently the group homes have flipped and now this is the men's home.
    I have seen the same employees and occasionally 2 men (residents?) but no women residents. One of the women residents we kinda knew and she was always outside & waving at us. Not seeing her is what made me notice the change.

    • laundry - 1 load -- started
    • general straightening living room, dining room & kitchen
    • take ds1 to store...bday shopping for ds2to
    • wrap presents
    • meal plan
    • scrub tub
    • family tv time
    • pork butt in crockpot

    And if course "porch time"

    Y'all I can't believe my baby will be 17 tomorrow

    If y'all don't mind please say a prayer for my mom. She was getting some relief from therapy but last 2 days has been back in extreme pain.
    And an unspoken.

    Hope y'all have a BLESSED Sunday 🌻
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Michelle- I certainly go through spurts of being good with meals and then times of not doing so well. I'm in a slump for sure! Sorry to hear about your mom. Praying for all your needs spoken and unspoken.

    Jen- How cool that you got to go to the homeschooling conference with your husband. Aren't usually solo? My dh is not super into them.

    So far:
    • read some more on website stuff
    • church- Joshua had a super hard time today. Sigh. I ended up with him in another room.
    • loaded the dishwasher
    • cut two heads of hair
    • cleaned up from haircuts
    • vacuumed the upstairs
    • shook out the bathroom contour rug and put it back
    • noticed the hall bath needs a cleaning- not doing it today
    • last touch ups are being done in R's room- and I think they will clean half the carpet today since we are keeping the carpeting upstairs for now.
    • spoke to dh about visiting with my parents- while cutting his hair

    This afternoon I need to do some blog work and get ready for school this week. Everyone is doing their own thing, but when they need a break from that, we can play a game.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good Afternoon Ladies

    Ch1: My kitchen is still a bit of a mess...oh well. Will work in it for a few minutes this afternoon.

    CH2: I have a couple of things to print out and sort out before tomorrow.

    IT: I really like this quote, I'm not sure I fully understand it, but I like it.

    so far:
    put things away afterward

    worked on some stuff for the women's ministry at church.

    up next:
    school stuff (while elevating foot)
    kitchen work
    take H to MS community
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    AR- I might be wrong, but I take the quote to mean that God's work is everywhere and we don't pay attention (the words are too big to see like the big picture is too much for us), so the miracles hone in on one incident or moment in time which is like using a microscope on God's presence in our lives.

    Since earlier:
    • answered some emails
    • looked at what can updated on our homeschooling website
    • contacted the person who still has our certificates
    • assigned Isaac his math for the next two days- need to write that down in my planner (but it's assigned in CTC so I'm not going to lose it)
    • got some potatoes baking in the oven

    Slow going this afternoon, I think!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good Evening!
    We've had a lovely day weather-wise, but haven't been enjoying it for some reason. 72* and partly cloudy. Just been hanging out indoors doing various small tasks that really haven't amounted to much. Well, it is suppose to be a day of rest though, right? There is a line of storms approaching from the west though. Hopefully if won't be too bad. Right now it's very calm.

    So far:
    • sunday school and church, short meeting after church regarding a community project we are involved in
    • worked on 1 tutoring lesson during sunday school time
    • lunch
    • put away the overnight broth and cleaned up the slow cooker
    • putzed around doing this and that

    Dh and ds19 are off to evening service. I'm going to work on some tutoring things. Ds11 is downstairs playing the piano for the moment.
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (5th gr).

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    • made the rest of dinner
    • dishwasher was loaded and is running
    • trash can was taken to the curb- with an additional bag of painted room trash
    • worked on business taxes for the quarter
    • colored timeline pictures R helped after a while
    • got Algebra done with the 10th grader- he will be moving courses shortly
    • worked out I's new meds- sigh.
    • made one supplement order- the price.
    • learned how many drops in a one ounce bottle- done
    • ordered the last supplement- sigh.
    • on the phone with paypal- that's a fun way to spend time! But, they resolved my issue. It took a while to get a person, but once I did we worked everything out. Woot!'s not been an outstanding day at our house. The youngest has had an intense day and he's had his stomach med twice. The 15yo has a migraine (he's the original headache kid) and just pitched and is now in bed with a cold pack on his head. The oldest boy has not been well all weekend. Not sure if it's allergies or not, but he has to work tomorrow and he's in zero shape to do that at the moment. Seriously...the moment I start to think I can take some time to visit my parents, things begin to fall apart.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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