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    Default Monday DECLUTTERING

    This Week's Challenge: Bathrooms- hoe them out, organize the linen closets, wash the towels, clean them- even the mirrors!

    School Challenge: Monday book challenge! Organize and rearrange books, read aloud, figure out library business, etc.

    Inspiring Thought: You can't be a full participant in our democracy if you don't know our history. - David McCullough

    For me today:
    • grocery store- blowing everyone's minds and going this morning and not tomorrow. I hope I don't regret that next week!
    • school
    • school planning
    • school flat surfaces- my desk, the school table, the cutting table. Generally speaking, we are out of control!
    • homeschool group work- make certificates and send some emails
    • get letters to the mail box
    • blog work- a ton of it
    • co-op night- today is the last day of co-op and tonight is the night when everyone shares their work and there are a few presentations. Since there is no group graduation this year, we are doing the promotions from K, 5, 8 tonight and I'm handing out certificates (and making an appearance as the group leader to pray and make an announcement). I'm waiting on our group materials for this event to show up at my house this afternoon, but we're out of the 8th grade ones so I need to make those.
    • call the lyme clinic and see about a supplement I cannot find- it doesn't really seem to be made anymore, but I have found another form of the same thing, I think.

    It's cloudy this morning and I think Dan is getting a few drops on his way to work this morning. I'm having second thoughts about the grocery store this morning. I may just run down to the little store if I can establish whats's for dinner later.

    I hope everyone is feeling better this morning. Yesterday was a tough day for our boys.

    Have a great start to the new week!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Heather -- I was laughing at blowing everyone's mind. Hope you can find the supplement.

    Gorgeous day!! Sunshine, blue skies, birds chirping & squirrels playing. No hummingbirds though

    Ds1 is doing ac today. He left 1.5 hours ago.
    Dh has gone to work.
    Birthday boy just woke and is playing the ps4.

    So far:
    • morning stuff
    • breakfast
    • updated calendars...I still feel like I am forgetting something important
    • looked up some info on a baseball
    • shredded bbq & put in fridge
    • unloaded dish drainer
    • washed breakfast & bbq stuff
    • took some more trash to the road
    • cleaned out car
    • loaded grocery bags, a gift and other things that need to be given away in car
    • recycling brought out..ready to go in car I just had other things in my hand so dropped recycling by carport steps.

    Rest of day:
    • make bed
    • vacuum
    • straighten carport..minor stuff
    • clean porch chairs...pollen & dust
    • sweep porch
    • clean front door glass
    • take off recycling
    • pick up cake, ice cream, chips & buns
    • pack picnic lunch
    • meet friends for lunch
    • shower
    • last minute stuff
    • celebrate b-day

    I haven't told ds2 yet but some of our friends are meeting at the park. (they have a 4H thing this morning) They asked us to meet and hang out for lunch. Ds2 will be happy.

    My mom & stepdad are coming over for cake & ice cream & presents this evening.

    I hope ds1 will make it home in time for celebration. He told us to go ahead and celebrate whenever Carter wanted (meaning earlier in day) since he doubted he wouldn't be home until late. We are going with later...just in case he does get home.

    Ok I need to get moving. Wasn't expecting to fix a "go" meal today. Oooh I just remembered I have a sonic gift card. I might use it today. Tell ds2 we have another errand. Go by sonic & then then park with friends! Surprise on both accounts

    Have a GREAT day!!
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Good morning!

    Happy birthday, Carter! Sounds like a great day!

    Heather, I hope your boys are feeling better today! I just read through yesterday's thread and saw your comment about dh and the convention. That is TOTALLY not his thing, but I wanted him to go to look at the math stuff because I'm tired of him questioning what we're doing without giving any concrete input. Not that he's questioning it in a mean way, but just...well, I wanted him to make the decision since he hasn't been pleased with what I've chosen. We didn't go to any speakers--and honestly, there weren't any there I was dying to hear. Not sure if I've just reached the phase in this where I'm looking for really specific topics, or what. We have a small local convention coming up at the beginning of June that I'll do my best to get to as well.

    Yesterday was very busy...the kids came home and then we went to get the gift and I took them to the party. While they were there I got lunch and ran to Target. Then back to get dd (ds stayed and they dropped him at church), home to change, and back to church for the choir program. They clearly did not have the a/c on in our room. Thirty 4, 5, and 6 year olds in a hot room on a 90*! But they did a good job on their songs! I ironed a bunch last night.

    We're at home until the afternoon and there is soooo much to do!
    *restock food showdown boxes and move them to the attic
    *hall bathroom
    *guest bathroom
    *clean out fridges
    *grocery pick up--just got back!
    *laundry room
    *pick up ds's friend at school
    *thrift store

    Not sure I'll get all of that done, but I'll try!

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Love the IT! And completely agree!

    Heather - I hope your guys are feeling better soon. Hoping all goes well for your co-op festivities tonight too! How big is your co-op?

    Michelle - Happy Birthday to Carter! Sounds like a very fun day! Enjoy.

    Jen - Hope you are able to get math that your dh is happy with. What are y'all using now?

    For us today:

    *Started bbq in crockpot. Making a meal to take to a friend tonight. Trying to get things I can make ahead as much as possible since Eliana has therapy at 4pm and I need to leave as soon as we get back to deliver food.

    *Eliana has had a great start to school this morning since the boys were being sluggish. I'm working on being more thorough and consistent with her and she is making great progress.

    *Took down the bunk beds in my younger boys room yesterday and working to get things cleaned up and put away. The upper bunk had been used for storage for pillow, sleeping bags (why do we have 10 of them?!), blankets, etc. Trying to find homes for those. Just using this time to get more cleaned out in the rooms. Moved out one bed and replaced it with the bed that was the top bunk. The room looks so much nicer now (well, it will once all the stuff is moved out). More open. My 13yo had been bumping his head on the bunk so this will be nice for him. (He's going to be our tall one. He is 5'10" and growing like a weed.)

    *School work. Trying to start the week strong. My 18yo has one exam left at the community college and he needs to HIT IT HARD this week and really knock out a lot of work. Hoping we can finish Spanish 1 by the end of next week or earlier if he will get motivated!

    *Laundry - Oldest daughter has taken this over which is nice.

    Need to go get people moving and getting things done before needing to go to therapy. Hope y'all have a great day!
    Leslie Nelsen, Family Room Moderator
    Wife to Roger, Mom to Christopher (25) married to Emily, Rebecca (22), Joshua (19), Isaiah (17), Daniel (14), and Eliana Joy (11).

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    Jen- my interest in most speakers is minimal and the small conventions don't bring in the headliners. I'd show up for fan girl purposes.

    Michelle- Happy Birthday to your new 17yo! Time flies!

    So far:
    • went ahead and went to the grocery store
    • put mail into the mailbox
    • groceries were brought in and put away
    • took some book pictures- the first of many blog pictures today
    • talked with a few teens- that takes up SO MUCH TIME. I suppose next year I will be texting at a new level.
    • got some kids started on school
    • one group email so far today

    Now I think I'll clean up the school table and check in with Algebra again.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Carter said Thanks

    Jen -- why are you moving the food showdown boxes to attic?

    Leslie -- you are doing great on cleaning out!! We have WAY to many blankets but yet I didn't get rid of any when I went thru stuff other day. I just space bagged them Space bagged the sleeping bags too

    Since earlier:
    • enjoyed porch a while longer
    • made bed
    • vacuumed
    • swept porch
    • cleaned porch chairs
    • put away sprayers...ds1 put some stuff on the yard last night and he cleaned the ac unit. He forgot to put away the sprayers. Left them in the porch
    • straightened carport...very very little
    • cleaned front door
    • recycling in car ....and taken to center
    • coffee shop -- Car loves their coffees and frappes but rarely gets one. Got us each a frappe
    • picked up cake & dip (for chips)

    Ended up telling Car that we were going to let friends at the park. I told him we would pick up ice cream from the other grocery (next town over). He kept saying he would just stay home. It was crazy to go all that way just for ice cream. I said...I was trying to surprise you..we are meeting group at park in that town. Will stop for the ice cream after.
    He said...oh ok.
    I've cream is $2-4 cheaper at this if I was going to be right next to it anyway....

    I stayed up late last night working on the house. Between last night's work and this morning it looks decent...except the hall & back porch. But I am going to pretend I see those..
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Leslie- Our Co-op has been up and down. There used to be over 40 families and over 100 kids and we were busting at the seams. With private Christian school hybrid days for homeschoolers and things like Classical Conversations, we are down to 20 families (some of whom do both of those other things as well). Our family did not participate this semester- the first time other than the time we didn't have it because there weren't enough families signed up (in the fall of 2016). It is unlikely that we will participate again at this point. The one exception to that would be if our youngest decides to do FIRST LEGO League again and that would require him to be there. For the last several years my kids have done one class instead of two and now they opt out. Just not a good fit for us anymore.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Michelle! That is funny that your ds wasn't letting you surprise him! I moved the boxes to the attic so they'll be out of the way until next year. There is a big list of things they're supposed to bring for the competition and most teams divide it up so one person brings this, another brings that, etc. After one year of doing that I decided hunting the items down and then making sure I got the right stuff at the end of the evening was too much of a pain. I got ds a big plastic bin and put all the items in it--almost all of them are from the dollar store. Then we just bring it for the team and take it all home, wash it, and put it in the attic until next year. I did the same thing for dd this year. I just don't have time to hunt for whisks!

    Leslie, we are going to try Math U See. We did Horizons through elementary and ds did well with that, but once he got to about sixth grade, dh felt like it wasn't moving fast enough for him and we switched to Saxon, which ds hated. This year we've been doing Life of Fred, but ds wants something a bit more straightforward and with more examples. Not sure we'll use MUS exactly as it's intended, but hopefully it will be a good fit.

    Heather, I guess I walked past Andrew Pudewa without noticing and dh made a comment and I was like, "Ummmm....I see him in person weekly!"

    Busy busy busy! How does the house take so much work if we are gone so much??
    *read a bunch to the kids
    *changed the kids' sheets--finally took off the flannels!
    *put sheets in wash--just finished in the dryer
    *cleaned the hall bathroom
    *moved stuff out of laundry room and swept and mopped everything
    *washed laundry room rug--drying outside now
    *put litter mat in the wash
    *put stuff back in food showdown bins--waiting for ds to move them to the attic
    *made lunch

    I think that's it....I need to get some light school going after lunch. We need to get back to it!

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    Hello Ladies,

    Whew! Today has definitely been " a Monday"!!

    Happy Birthday Carter!!

    Jen - My dh is the same. I ask for his opinion, but rarely get it. Well, he did tell me that he would prefer the kids learn Spanish over another foreign language, but that is about it.
    That is great that he made the time to go with you, I hope you two got a bit of a date out of it and that the math curriculum works out.
    Too funny about Andrew Pudewa!

    HW - I read your post last night. Praying for you and for the family. Praying that you would be able to go visit your dad again soon.

    Michelle - That sounds like a lovely birthday for your ds!

    Leslie - Way to go! on the house projects!

    CH1: HW, are you reading my mind? That is on my list!

    CH2: Also, on my list. We may try to go to the library tomorrow.

    IT: I understand that now much better than I did as a child/teenager. That is probably one of the reasons I enjoy learning history now, that and I don't have to take a test! I never enjoyed in school.

    We have gotten into the habit of starting school late. Part of that was due to me trying to fit in exercise in the morning and part of it was due to my laziness! I was talking to dh and realized I really need to start school early. So, today we started at 9am (woohoo!) The down-side is that my kids have not gotten on board with the program yet, and it still took us forever to finish school. I know I need to give a few more days to really get everyone back in the groove again. I would like to finish the school year strongly and set a good precedent for the fall.

    so far:
    Bible reading
    start laundry
    table time
    other school
    nature notebook
    cleaned off kitchen counter by the stove

    up next:
    check on library due dates
    work on Master bathroom
    early dinner in the IP
    call my dad

    community group
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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