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Thread: Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Hello, everyone! I've read your posts - we're all so busy right now!

    Soccer has ended for my high schoolers, and the younger teams just have this Saturday. Depending upon the weather, of course. But it's giving me some extra time to get things done at home. Bright Lights ends this Friday as well, and art classes ended last week, so nothing left after Saturday but piano, and only 2 more of those.

    I don't know if it's the weather or the spare time or what, but y'all, I'm feeling really good right now. Energy, clear thinking, etc. I love it! I feel like 'me.'

    We've had a lot going on lately with the house (Did I tell y'all about having to replace our line and reconnect to the main and being w/o plumbing for a week? Or the storm damage to the siding? Or the pool of standing water that mysteriously appeared in the basement? ) but I don't feel discouraged and am able to just keep getting things done. So exciting!

    Can't remember if I said, but we were gone several days to a tournament in MO. While we were gone, we boarded our senior Peke. He eye was hurt at the boarder, and it has been a big deal - dealing with the individual, the company and their insurance, his vet appointments. He is still in a lot of pain and just wants to be held or to sleep. It is so sad. We find out Monday if he has to have surgery to repair it. And also on Monday our other senior dog (who has sleepovers with the neighbor when we're gone) is having surgery to remove some tumors. I am glad to not be running this week or next and can stay home and nurture the kids and animals who live here.

    The kids have their independent work to finish right now, but my part of school is over for the day. I am working on the details for the soccer banquet and next year's prom. Oh, and menu planning. I'm trying to get the hang of this THM stuff.

    Enjoy your day, friends!
    Robin, wife for 22 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    Good afternoon!

    Michelle- The grass really just popped over the last few days because it was still looking shabby till the sun was out and it was warm for a few days in a row. We still don't have any shade to speak of. The trees are JUST starting to leaf out and some are still just budding. It'll be a week or two yet before we see full coverage.

    Jen- Which artist are you doing this month?

    Paige- You have been busy. I hope things begin to settle down for you.

    Leslie- The pouches are for my nature sketching supplies, other markers, and our story cubes.

    AR- Baseball season is rough. I remember those days! We had three kids playing at once multiple years and we were at the ball field four nights a week. Thankfully, the fields in our old town were all in one spot a few blocks from our house. It's me that has been running with events this week and today I've been running kids around.

    Joelle- Are you making the meal today?

    Cindy- So proud of all that work you've been doing with the tutoring! It will be nice to see you around more soon!

    Shay- Well done on planning the rest of the school year! This is our last month for full school. After May, it will be math for the sophomore and interest learning for the 7th grader. The senior will be finishing up her work which I suspect will take some time. She's been doing Calc and Trig this year along with physics. Public school here doesn't get out until the last week of June.

    Thanks, everyone for taking a look at the pictures. We have another set to do at the arboretum, but I'm not exactly sure when that's happening.

    • made a lunch
    • made breakfast- sausage, eggs, and potatoes
    • took recycling to the garage from the kitchen
    • cleaned out the bottom of the upstairs pantry- it was a mess
    • worked on my blog- images and marketing with my designer
    • gave advice on a job application
    • took R to drop off her application at the store
    • stopped in at Michael's- because we were early to the ortho and enjoyed seeing fairy lights
    • orthodontist- it took an hour It is so hard for them to get the wire right in the back. Sigh.
    • fabric store- why does it always cost more than you think it will. Looking at my receipt, I didn't get the price shown for the fat quarters. That's irritating.
    • dropped R at the sewing shop to work on the embroidery machine- with what I picked out, it's going to be gorgeous. I think she is doing a wild flower for this particular bag.
    • saw E at the bus stop on the way home- about couple blocks from the house through the park and stopped to say hi. Noticed he had not shaved (again) and offered to take him to work if he shaved first. He agreed! So, we went home.
    • took E to work
    • started laundry
    • dusted my room and the studio- may do more on the first floor yet
    • opened up windows- it's a lovely day!
    • checked in on school work
    • worked on Algebra with the 10th grader- had fun at the chalk board with my chalk chuck. Found it when I was working in the basement last month.
    • blog emails- to two clients

    Now I'm at the school table next to four large open windows on the east side of the house. I'd love to be on the POH, but it's on the western side and the sun is there right now. That makes it hotter, but I've been battling a headache all day and I fear the sun would just make my head hurt. This spot is insect free and the windows are huge and they are open. It's the next best thing.

    I'm going to check math and figure out what to make for dinner.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    I need to be in the kitchen and getting ready to make dinner, but I just feel like I need a break! So, I'm popping in to say "hi!"

    We finished school and ran errands: Library, $ Tree for Mother's Day Cards (Does that make me cheap? Probably, but we have 3 mothers and one grandmother to shop for and it adds up!), and ALDI

    Our library has a for sale shelf and I generally scan it, but don't always find something. Today, I hit the jackpot! I bought a really nice coffee table sized book on the Civil War, which we will study next year. I also found a hardback edition of "The Oxford Book of American Verse" and a nice hardback set of "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey." It isn't likely that all my kids will read the last two, but Hannah might. They were supposed to be $2 each, but the librarian gave them to me for $1 each - woot!

    Ok, i better go.....but I would much rather stay here.....
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Heather, we're doing Georgia O'Keeffe because Crystal Bridges (about 2 hours from here) has an exhibition starting at the end of May--and we actually went to an exhibition of hers there the last time, too! We'll start up with Cassatt, Degas, or Pissarro because Philbrook will have an impressionist exhibition this summer. Now that I think about it, it won't be Cassatt because there are at least a couple at Crystal Bridges, so we can use her any time. I do try to do a field trip to see something by the artist if possible--and I think this time we're throwing in a trip to the botanical gardens, too!

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    Angela -- I buy all cards at $Tree or Dollar General.

    Heather -- shave that was good

    Robin -- YAY for feeling good!!!

    Shay -- I have a tree limb that needs to come down too but like you a hbird sits front of my limb stays.

    Cindy -- WAHOO last day!!!

    Jen -- love your tea time

    Leslie -- hope summer continues to build friendships

    • ds2 schoolwork
    • 1 load regular laundry
    • my sheets washed...still in dryer
    • dentist..good report
    • wm - salad stuff
    • ds2 mowed front yard & more school work
    • sports day...softball today
    • ds2 more schoolwork
    • cooked supper, put on pan in oven on keep warm
    • cleaned kitchen
    • sat on porch
    • ate supper

    Ds1 is still working. His supper is in microwave.
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
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    Hi ladies! I’m enjoying one last quiet morning before the influx of teams. Interns are generally helpful and while there is a little work involved, it’s usually not too demanding of my time. Teams are a whole other story. With teams we have to drive groups of people around, prepare 3 meals a day for however long they stay with us, and keep them busy 24-7. It’s a big job. We see it as part of our ministry and we teams do help us, but it’s a busy time for everyone. Our first team of the summer arrives this afternoon.

    My plans for today:
    -algebra with Wesley, at least one lesson, but two would be better.
    -grammar with Wesley
    -phonics with Hudson
    -math with Hudson
    -grammar with Hudson
    -unit study with Hudson
    -hang a load of laundry
    -fold laundry. It’s been raining for days and with the rain and the upcoming teams dh went to the laundry mat and dried 3 loads of laundry to help me get caught up.
    -pick up dd
    -check in on the Sunday school rooms that the interns set up for the team
    -noon prayer. We are doing 10 days of prayer with the church leading up to the day of Pentecost. We will have prayer at noon and at 7 pm every day for 10 days.
    -wash dishes
    -help the interns get started with the dinner they are making
    -church tour
    -emergency/disaster orientation
    -dinner with the team
    -evening prayer at 7
    -practice piano

    This is a lot to do in not a lot of time. I’d better get started!

    Joelle, you’re BSF sounds great.
    Paige, you have been very sociable lately. I hope you get a good couple of days to recoup!
    Heather, I think it’s awesome the way you invest in your kids interests.
    Michelle, sounds like you’re going to have a whole bathroom makeover!
    Cindy, enjoy your quality homeschool time!
    Shay, hooray for finishing on June 1st! Have a great summer!
    Jen, your artist study sounds so cool!
    Robin, I’m glad you’re feeling energized!
    Angela, I must confess that the mother’s in my life generally get a phone call and a Facebook message. So I think a card is nice.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 14 and Hudson 11

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    Michelle- Somehow I thought you'd appreciate my shaving comment.

    Lindsey- Looks like you are off and running with the interns!

    Robin- So sorry to hear about your dog. I hope his eye heals.

    • purchased a plug in for my website- so exciting to make investments like this! My developer installs it on Monday. Ack!
    • picked up R from the shop- the embroidery is beautiful! I can hardly wait till she has the machine at home! Wait till you see the cute bag she is making for me and the fabric is exquisite!
    • made dinner- chicken parm from scratch. It was a personal best ladies!
    • spent time on the POH- pretty much all night until just now
    • enjoyed watching Venus in the sky- and some other stars, but Venus is big and bright in the west these days just after sunset.
    • read this evening- finally! I was reading from The Living Page. What a great book! AR- have you started it yet?
    • enjoyed good conversation on the POH with the kids- R was out with me all night reading and J came out to chat and we talked notebooks and about all the Keepers over time. Right up his alley with scientists and stuff.

    I am off to wind down, but I have to switch laundry once more. I forgot about it earlier.

    Have a great night!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good evening....

    I already fell asleep for a bit on the couch. Going to write a quick update then go to bed.

    * I did finish up the dining room today - yea!
    * Making ds's last fiar meal for the school year took awhile. The focaccia bread and lasagna were delicious. The cake was just okay - for the work that went into it I would want it to taste better! There is a huge pile of dishes to wash now also. Yea.
    * My errands took about 2 hours.

    Not much else got done - I feel like I'm wasting my days! I really don't know what I did with the rest of the day!??

    We had a storm front come through this afternoon - we only got a tiny bit of rain, but heard some thunder and got huge gusts of wind. The temps lowered some also. I was upstairs closing the windows when a gusts began - and I got to see hundreds (thousands??) of helicopters from the maple trees blow all over - it was so cool!

    Shay - where is vacation this year? Great job almost being done with school! I have a hard time being motivated to keep going!

    Robin - glad you're feeling good right now. Ugh on the water issues. Sorry about your pups!

    Heather - funny about taking E home so he can shave

    Angela - about greeting cards - no, that doesn't make you cheap! Cards are overpriced, IMO. I love to find a good deal!

    Jen - so great that you have places nearby to see good art. Boise has a small Art Museum, with only bits of art, usually not anything by anyone famous. The closest big museum would be 5 hours away in Salt Lake or 6 hours away in Portland.

    Lindsey - hope the teams coming to help out are a blessing to your ministry and things go smoothly with each one that visits

    Cindy - enjoy the time in the coming days of just homeschooling!

    Michelle - glad the dentist visit went well

    Leslie - hope everything works out perfectly for Friday

    Time for bed!!!! Sleep well everyone!

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    Joelle - Those maple "helicopters" are so fun to watch!

    HW - I have barely started "The Living Page" and I am looking forward to diving in more later. I have three other books going right now and I think three is my limit: Home Education for CM reading group, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich for Book Club (This is not a cozy read.), and Putting Amazing Back into Grace. I am reading the last one with Dan.
    The pouches R is making sound nice!
    I was listening to the latest "Schole Sisters" podcast yesterday and thought of you. They talked about a lot of things in that podcast, but they chat about helping your children find hobbies and then providing what they need to pursue them. I thought to myself, "HW does a great job of this!"

    Michelle and Shay - I really need to make some sugar syrup for the humming birds!

    Lindsey - Praying this first wave of mission teams goes well!

    Cindy - Congrats on finishing your first session of tutoring - way to go!

    Shay - How exciting that you only have a couple of weeks left of school!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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