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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Hello ladies,

    The CM meeting went well. They are reading "The Read Aloud Family" this summer and it sounds like they do nature hikes and other fun things together.

    I am covered in HIVES! and they are getting worse.
    It started this morning, they came on while I was in the shower. They have gotten worse in the past three hours and are headed up my neck and toward my face. I think it is an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I am on.
    Today was day 10 of the antibiotic. Does this even make sense?

    I have never had an allergic reaction like this before!

    I guess that means I will need to go to the Dr. tomorrow. Three $25 co-pays in one month - ugh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jen in OK View Post
    Just started a certain planning for high school course....
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