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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Thanks AR and Joelle!!!

    Heather: I follow your blog and it is what gave me the courage to believe that FIAR was enough. You are kind of like a celebrity to me I just subscribed to your YT channel as well

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    Good Evening!
    I thought I posted earlier today, but I guess that was yesterday!

    Erica decided not to come until this morning, so she arrived right around noon. We went to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and she found a coffee table she really liked. So we got that and she also found an Emeril stock pot in really good condition. We then went to the Goodwill and she found some plates, and I picked up some extra bowls.

    Then home to work on going through her stuff and packing what she wants to take with her. She's so happy to be able to move into her own place in just a couple weeks. Columbus to 2 hours from where we are, so it makes for a nice little trip.

    Joelle-- Erica moved to Columbus, which is in the center of OH (state capitol) back in October. She loves it. She has a full-time job as a Visual Merchandising Specialist at Victoria's Secret, at their flagship store. The corporate offices are in Columbus. This store is the largest one in the world where all the merchandise is test displayed before being sent to all the other stores. Mr. Wexner, the owner and chief executive of L Brands (which owns Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, PINK stores) comes in, unannounced, a couple times a month to check on things. I learned today that he drives a Porsche and parks it right outside the store by a fountain. There's no parking there. He just parks there because he can. He's a billionaire and has a body guard with him when he comes. Crazy!! Anyway, she loves her job. It can be quite intense sometimes because they have deadlines. They get directives from the designers at the corporate office, then they set the designs and send pics back to the designers. If the designers don't like it, they change it and send back what to change. Once they like the design set-up, it's sent to all the other stores.

    Ds11 and I did morning basket this morning plus a science lesson/experiment. That's been our day!

    Dh and I need to go out birthday shopping tonight for ds19. Tomorrow will be another busy day!
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    That sounds like a really interesting job, Cindy! And high intensity!

    Phew. I'm beat.
    *went to swim team
    *came home to get dd dry clothes--she got to participate in the last day water balloon fight at swim team
    *started swim laundry
    *went to volunteering
    *dropped a couple of items at the dry cleaner
    *haircut--I go about 6 months in between, Heather!
    *Walmart--walked around and got odds and ends
    *class meeting
    *grocery store--picked up deli stuff for supper

    So when I went to the meeting, the woman in charge introduced herself and I said I was Jennifer and she asked if I was on the FIAR boards. It was Beth in OK! She recognized my kids from my blog. It's a small world! I have seen her on our local fb group, but I never put together that's who she was. The classes sound like a good opportunity and I think dd is going to do BizTown and ds will do the Dave Ramsey class and possibly ASL. It will mean a fair amount of time driving on Mondays, but I think that it will be worth it. We will have to have a good plan...which is what I want to get in order over the summer.

    Now I need to finish dinner and do some random picking up. Dh is still at the urgent care, but hopefully he will be home soon!

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    Hey all! I’ve popped in numerous times today, started to
    Write, and then got pulled away.

    I just read all but an on my phone, so I doubt I can reply to all ...

    — michelle, hope your back is better. Ouch!!!
    — Joelle, enjoy company
    — Brooke — Cool channel!!!
    — Cindy — that job sounds amazing for E
    — heather — glad rentry went well
    — Angela — hope you get to the book sale!
    — Jen — thanks for the info!!!

    — started laundry and such this morning
    — did some medical research
    — then ok kids for allergy shots this morning
    — picked up a friend of Mattie’s and brought her home for the afternoon
    — lunch
    — girls got dressed for the pool
    But before they got in, a massive storm blew in. Swimming never happened
    — made Greek pasta salad x6 for the wedding Saturday
    — talked to my sister and mama
    — played sequence with the boys
    — with various kid help with supper — made breakfast — sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits, sausage gravy, and fresh AL peaches
    — still moving laundry ...

    That’s a pretty full day. And tomorrow’s going to
    Be busier! Lots of wedding food prep on the schedule...

    Y’all have a good evening!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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