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Thread: Planning for next year - multiple levels

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    Leslie: What is your blog address? I love finding FIAR bloggers and YTers!

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    Hi Brooke - I'm not actively blogging anymore. Life just got complicated. I do have a lot of FIAR stuff on my blog though. Its here:

    What is a YTer? I'm sure its obvious and I'm just missing it!
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    Youtuber I do youtube videos and there is a couple more FIAR youtubers but not many. I would love if more people did that!

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    Mindy -- one thing that has really helped me with "olders" is a weekly/daily check of sheet. I have a MON, TUES, WED, THURS, FRI running across the top, and down the side of the paper, I have the different topics they're to do -- math, LA, novel they're reading, science, history, Bible, typing, French, PE, Music, cooking you've done for the family (obviously not ALL of these at once, but whatever they're studying). THEY fill out their day with check marks or the math lesson #, etc. to keep up with their work and how they're coming along. It becomes a record "book" for me (they keep them all year), and it helps them stay on track. If you want to see a copy, PM me your email, and I'll email you an example. It also helps move things to their shoulders and helps them become more independent with their planning and scheduling.

    One thing I used in middle school for history was Notgrass' America the Beautiful. It's a 1 year curriculum but has 180 lessons --we did it over 2 years. It has novels that can go along with it. The map book is great! You can do it WITH them and read aloud, they could do it together, or they could read individually. It's definitely an easy, planned way to give them a bit "more" and/or a bit more independence. You could also read the main lesson with them and then give them assignments to do from it (they're provided, including the novel reading). Just a thought.....
    I've also used some Winter's Promise for high school (but they have some middle school versions, too). That's all be independent but has a daily check sheet of what needs to be read -- DON'T try to do everything!!! It's way too much -- pick and choose
    Mine have done One Year Adventure Novel's Cover Story and OYAN itself in 7th/8th grades ..... It all depends on your kids
    Just some ideas....
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