Hi, ladies! I've been meaning to get back to this thread, but have been trying to 're-group' ourselves, after our trip to Teen Pact National Convention, some issues with a young friend of my daughter's and ... wow ... I don't even remember, maybe just being tired and getting rested up for summer -- ha!

I am loving these responses on here, and plan to incorporate your comments into an email to my friends who seem to be struggling. This is on my mind a lot, because I LOVE homeschooling, and as I said, i wish I had 5 more to bring up at home.

I want to speak individually to the most recent posts, but time does not allow this morning. I will say that in general I have been thinking of doing a book study/bible study with moms, and maybe this is the year I could pull it off -- we'll see. Teaching from Rest, Owning Your Life - those are two that have been on my heart and mind to share.

Heather, I love your comments about how much we think we need to do with our children outside the home. There are, as you said, many variables to this, but more and more I come back to the idea that 'home centered' is what it is about for us, and that has been one of the top reasons for our choosing to homeschool in the first place (and one reason why we still love it today?).

Families are pulled in so many directions..... and I have especially noticed that the ..... hmmm... 'nature' of activities that we choose for our children can influence their attitudes, just as the friends they choose can .....(you all know what I'm talking about here). I see it over and over, and my heart personally aches for the days of simplicity of life, deep character development, outreach to others, love for family, dependence on God (not necessarily in that order). We strive for that in our home, but I see families who do not, and those are the ladies that are telling me 'they are done'.

Again, thanks for your comments. This has all been very helpful!