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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Good morning!

    Never got back on yesterday. Finished a good chunk of my list. Dd was tired after her training - she's looking forward to helping out at the weekly day camps at our church.

    For today:
    • Psalm study
    • Water plants
    • Cut produce (need to do this!! Otherwise I tend to not eat it and then it goes bad!)
    • Put away clean laundry
    • Empty dishwasher
    • Start work on bonus room (my dumping grounds for the past month - a disaster area!!)(I decided to wait to clean the harder parts of the kitchen - hopefully do those this weekend??)
    • Orthodontist visit at 12:20
    • Pick up Rx when out
    • Zumba tonight

    Heather - happy birthday to Isaac! I hope he does well on the dmv test! Funny to me that he wants cold cereal for his breakfast since we always have cold cereal. My kids rarely get a hot breakfast - their birthdays are one of those rare times!

    Lindsey - glad you found a great deal on chairs! Also great that you didn't get lost!

    Angela - that sounds like a fun gift!

    Michelle - we've left fans on overnight. Always great to cool off the empty room (or outside for you!)

    Robin - I hope you get all the little things done (that always adds up to a lot to do!)

    Cindy - yea for almost being done with your tutor final! Are you maybe tutoring someone tonight at 6? If so - hope that goes well!

    Jen - I'm sure you needed the sleep!

    Off I go! Have a wonderful day!

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    Popping in to say I have NOT died yet, but man, it was close for awhile...

    Tuesday was hot as Hades. We went to Animal Kingdom fora few hours and then back to the house for lunch and swimming. We were home about 3 hours to refresh and then headed back. It was nuts. So, so hot. We were all so wilted, but the evening wasn't terrible. We missed a few rides because I have no clue about the new fastpass system. Pandora was NUTS!

    Yesterday was Magic Kingdom. Not as hot, higher humidity. Again, headed there early and stayed until lunch. Back to the house for lunch and a rest and then back to the parks at 4pm. Afternoon was better, but man, the lines. Haven't been in 14 years and the lines and crowds. Agh!!! Space Mountain was closed for a few hours and the the lines were ridiculous for the rest of the night. Ben has been talking about it since coming home from school. I told him we would make sure to head over there on Epcot day for a ride on it.

    Today is rest and recover day! I read some yesterday and the introvert convo had me racking up. I am at Disney World with a family full of introverts! By dinner time yesterday, several were growling about "people" crowding the parks and what would be involved in maybe renting out the park for a day so we could go without people there. They must think their last name is Gates or Buffett.

    We slept late and then ran by Walmart for food and souvenirs and now are planning on spending the rest of the day in the pool. Not sure about dinner plans. I'd like to go out one night to celebrate Nathaniel's birthday(it's right after we return home) and also Nicholas's graduation(he didn't want a party, just dinner with all the family).

    Okay, kids are in suits waiting for me.
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    Joelle-- Not until next week when summer session starts. I will have the extra student at least until the July 4th break. We then have 2 weeks after that I think, so I may have him the entire time. It just depends on if his regular tutor will be ready to come back that soon. It was totally unexpected so she is having to deal with a LOT of emotions plus all sorts of other things. I would guess she's maybe around 60 years old. I was going to guess her younger than that until I remembered my own age! The director of the tutoring center is 80 years old and amazing, and my tutor/mentor is turning 80 soon. These ladies are amazing.

    Jen-- Nice that you were able to sleep in.

    Angela-- Unless someone isn't a tea drinker, your gift idea sounds lovely. My brother sends us tea from Seattle for Christmas every year and none of us drink tea except ddApril (and she doesn't live here anymore), but the flavor he sends she doesn't like so I can't even take it to her. I have a bunch of tea to get rid of! I'm thinking I'll take it to the church. Many ladies there drink tea. He also sends chocolate, so I don't complain.

    Lindsey-- When does your dd finish school? Is she excited about homeschooling again next year?

    • connected with one other tutor... she still wants to meet, so we set that up for tomorrow
    • went over my tutor exam and added a few more things.. it's mostly essay type questions
    • finished scrubbing pot and tidied up the counters after lunch
    • created and printed a tracking doc for tutoring... I've been wanting to do this for awhile

    I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be this morning. I need to get busy! I spent the last 2 days without wearing my contacts so I could focus better on the exam. I'm near-sighted so my contacts are for seeing far away. It never bothered my ability to read until this past year. I have a pair of drug store reading glasses that the doc said was all I needed. They help, but are a pain. And I'm finding I'm less productive with paper tasks when I have to use them. I can read just fine as long as I'm not wearing my contacts. But then I can't see far away, which is fine when I don't have to go anywhere. #gettingolder
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    Good Afternoon,

    Heather- please wish Isaac a very happy birthday! Enjoy the day!

    Angela- we have battles during Monopoly, too . Good memories though!

    Lindsey- glad you found a deal on chairs!

    Michelle- guess where I am as I write this?

    Cindy- Such sad news for the family of that tutor. It's good that you are stepping in for her student.

    Jen- dh and I have been oversleeping the last few days. Last night, I was up too late. It is good that you slept and got your rest!

    Robin- hope you can find the supplement you need for K in time!
    Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible , and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St. Francis of Assisi
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    Good Afternoon Ladies,

    Thanks for the gift feedback ladies!

    Amy - It is good to know my kids aren't the only ones!

    Cindy - Way to go on finishing the exam. That is sad about the tutor, but cool that you may be able to help.

    Joelle - You have been great about getting that exercise in!

    afternoon update:
    school - wrapping stuff up
    read aloud
    started decluttering computer desk drawer and got I have piles out.
    dinner is in the IP

    up next:
    read a few minutes
    try to do something with the piles
    get ready for baseball/dance etc.
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    Joelle- I hope dd enjoys helping at day camp!

    Shay- enjoy the rest of your vacation- hope you get that dinner out

    Today we overslept. Once we got ds18 ready and stretched, we ate breakfast and cleaned up. The boys planted their herbs together. I got the flowers planted and a few vegies and dh did some yard work. I attempted to email a list of books to sell in our home school group, but ran into trouble. I may have to re do later. We have eaten lunch, cleaned up and dh took ds14 shoe shopping. I will do some meal prep now and dd22 is coming home for dinner. It will be GOOD to have her home for a visit. Ds14 referees for soccer tonight and hopefully we can get to bed at a decent time. I would also like to go for a walk/run if possible.

    Enjoy the day!
    Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible , and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St. Francis of Assisi
    Phrase 2014: Engage, Embrace, Enjoy

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    Hey all!

    Angela -- Oh my!!! I had no idea ya'll were there then. Such a small world!!! We lived at the corner of Colonial and New Jersey -- white house, red shutters, flower garden on the corner. Katie and Cale were born at DePaul And while you were teaching at Granby, I was teaching at Maury How FUN!!!
    AND, I think the tea is a great idea

    Heather -- saw on FB that he passed Hurray!!! what a happy birthday!

    Cindy -- I know you're thrilled to be so close to done!

    Robin -- I must have missed it -- where are you packing to go?

    Michelle -- nice porch days!

    Shay -- so sorry it's been so hot. October and early-mid December is a really good time to go and crowds are much less (just for future reference )

    Amy -- hope shoe shopping is going well! Shopping with boys is no fun

    Joelle -- I know all about "dumping" stations Hope you can get it under control!

    Lindsey -- for new chairs!!!

    * the last forestry practice before state competition was this morning! The boys and I left at 7 to go to a town about an hour away for a 4 hour practice. Ben and I went to visit friends from coop -- I'm friends with the mom, and he's friends with the youngest son. We all had a good time. Picked C up, picked up food, then went to pick up M. and then came home
    * about 930, K took M. to WM to meet a friend (her mom) and then went home with her for the morning.
    * k then met another friend, and they went shopping and to lunch
    -- we were all scattered this morning
    -- everyone got home about 2\
    * now a friend of the girls' is about to come over to swim for a bit (short time)
    * we're leaving about 515 to go to church softball (probably the last one -- it gets too hot later in the summer)
    * I'm going to make BLTs to take with us for supper.

    and that's our day. Whew!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    I started this in the afternoon and just now see I never posted it. I'll just add to it and post now!

    • wrapped gifts this morning early- left one on the game table with a note to open it. He didn't notice it until after breakfast. It was awesome!
    • Dan brought up the game table
    • breakfast was a hit- I make a lot for breakfast, but don't always buy his favorite cereal and he loves cereal
    • got things together for the DMV
    • bought the embroidery pattern for R
    • took her to the sewing shop- the machine she wants is on sale for less than the deal the shop owner was going to give her. She asked for one to be ordered. She loves working on it.
    • on to the DMV- we had all the paperwork in order to get a real ID version of the permit. By 2020 you have to have them to get on domestic flights and enter federal buildings. Do you all know about this?
    • grocery store- for his birthday dinner and more ice cream for the next cake. Of course, I need to make today's cake yet.
    • grilled up hotdogs for lunch
    • had every tidy up the first floor- bathroom was cleaned
    • washed dishes
    • started the dishwasher
    • swept the floor
    • wiped down the counters and table
    • scrubbed the trash can lid
    • announcements were put into the mailbox
    • had R feed her snake- she found him three worms and a nice sized salamander
    • reminded her about the senior board- it has to be done before she leaves for work tomorrow. She just started it.
    • my inlaws came at about 4pm- but they'd been in town since like 1:30
    • made dinner
    • wiped down the table on the POH
    • made the cake
    • did presents

    The DMV was fairly smooth sailing. We were still there a while. I nearly left without paperwork. What was I thinking? Good thing it came to mind. But, quickly researched everything I'd need and printed the affidavit form and headed out. He forgot to study the booklet on alcohol, but he passed easily.

    I did not sleep well last night and I'm really beat. Isaac had a great birthday I think. It was a good day for him.

    I had some comments earlier, but they've gone by the way.

    Have a great night!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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